By dumbass - 06/09/2012 06:46 - United States

Today, I sprained my ankle trying to prove that I can walk in high heels. FML
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coolboy675 16

I think that's a sign to get off your high horse


coolboy675 16

I think that's a sign to get off your high horse

When you fall off, you always get back on the horse.

Unless said horse try's to get on top of you then run far away fast!

Except you sprained your ankle and you can't run away fast enough and get trampled on. Now that's a way to go down.

I think you proved that you can't! FYL!

Blackmail111 9

Thanks Captain. Obvious! I was convinced she managed it perfectly until you came along!

Thank you! Not only for being a dick but your typing failure too. Captain Obvious says "It's obvious to most that periods belong at the end of a sentence!" A quip that points to ironic result of an action is a form sarcasm. The use of this literary vehicle points out the irony with out being disparaging.

CheshireHalli 19

60 - they may be on an iPhone, where a double space produces a period and a space. Hopefully that's the case here.

60-next time you make a stupid comment just own up to it. Do you think anybody looks up to you for not being able to own up to something you did? Over reacting like that just makes you seem childish and naïve. You made a bad comment. We all do it, it's okay. It isn't okay to be an ass whenever you damn please because someone criticized you.

stevenJB 25

Lol weird, I sprained my ankle last weekend too

So, you were also trying to prove that guys can walk in high heels too?

Well OP broker her ankle and that's rather painful so she might receive some Vicodin or similar pain killer So yes she'd be high, but as we've all learned from those after school specials, not mighty!

getyourgeekon 8

Next time, just stick to flats. Before the heels kill you.

Platforms with peep toes & lace up bootiies are the comfiest heels OP! Start out easy, you can't just rock 6 inch stilettos if you have no balance & arent used to them!

#34, And pepper spray, so she'll be ready for the creepy guys she can't run away from in those heels.

Haha exactly. Like Grandad J Frreman says: Watch out for girls that can run fast in heels. They're usually hookers lmao

Hookers can probably run very fast in heels. I'm sure they get a lot of practice doing it. They probably see tons of creepy weird guys.

...or for the ones that tell her she has pretty eyes...

Rose_916 16

Wow fyl op i always try to prove and i do prove but im still not allowed to wear them :(

How old are you? I think that answers any questions we need concerning your comment.

BeforeItWasCool 12
Rose_916 16

I wasnt serious im not controlled, and my age dont matter dont take everything seriously

hopsinlove17 26

Excuse me, but I think you're missing about three periods in your statement.O.o

Rose_916 16

Sorry that was my obnoxious friend she was using this so yeah ignore those comments

littlemsweirdo 12

Right. Blame the obnoxious friend.

Why do woman want to walk in something that is highly uncomfortable and sometimes ridiculous looking?

They make you taller and make your legs and butt look bangin'. Its not uncomfortable either if they fit right.

Because it's scientifically proved that men find women in high heels more sexy than women in flat shoes.

nelds 12

Because men like it and we are here to please men. (please note my sarcasm)

Wearing high heels is one of the least painful things we do to look hot.

Plastic surgery, waxing, implants, etc. Women do crazy things with their appearance.

I don't understand, either, but I guess there's societal pressure to do so. I don't wear them because I'm already 5'7" in a country where that's about the height of the average man, but so many people wear them I sometimes wonder if I'm somehow lacking some essential feminine quality because I don't.

I can walk in them fine but they hurt my feet, so I don't bother... besides I am not the kind of person who has anything to wear them with.

#25 and 38, The high heels can be the most painful, long-term, when the feet become malformed. Just ask any surgeon or podiatist. High hells (er, heels) make lots of business for them.

At least this one was a woman... When I first read it I thought "please dont be a dude"

Now, I figure you need to prove it to yourself. Gl with attempt #2

You can watch me walk if you want to, want to

I bet you want me back now Don't you? Don't you? I'm about to show you just how missin' me feels... In my red high--OOF!

Hey, at least you have an excuse - you're a guy! Oh, wait a sec...

I think the title of dumbass now falls to you chief... Learn to read. Op is female