By micahmatt - 26/08/2009 07:09 - United States

Today, I found out why my 20 year-old girlfriend broke up with me. She was building everything she did to match her favorite TV show. The main character left her boyfriend in the exact way she left me. And the breakup email she sent me contained monologue from the TV show, word for word. FML
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maybe it was a good thing she broke up with you.


maybe it was a good thing she broke up with you.

Only because who would really want a girlfriend who based her life on a TV show. OP is the lucky one. This is no FML in my book.

i agree, you're lucky your not with someone like her anymore.

'maybe'? No, this is truly a good thing that she broke up with you OP. Now, in the show, did the woman character ever cheat on her boyfriend? Might wanna check. Although I suppose it doesn't matter too much now.

yeah you're definitely better without her... watch out for psychos

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at least the main character in the show didn't kill her boyfriend instead, because then you wouldnt even be writing this fml

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maybe the FML was that he was dating her and wasted all that time?

165, exactly. That's the true FML. Also that he lives in the same town as this psycho idiot.

lucky him she broke up with him, who wants to be with that crazy bitch....and i call fake because it doesn't say which show..

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FMLs aren't supposed to tell your whole life story. If he put all that detail in no one would care.

Bribe the people that write the show to make her character get back together with your character. And then use the show to control her?

just be thankful her character in the show didnt cut off your characters penis and murder you

haha it would be funny if the character gets back with her ex but u say no and ruin everything :P

agreed #1 she sounds a little weird if you ask me....although that is kind of hilarious

I want to know what show too... Either way be glad she's gone

It can't be a very good one, if this FML just happened. None of the good TV shows have new episodes on in summer, so it must be a crappy one on cable. Then again, it did say he just found out about it, so it might be a regular show. What I want to know is, what does she do if there's a cliffhanger between episodes or seasons?

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That's not true. Some of the cable networks run good TV in the summer. (The Closer comes to mind.) However, this whole FML makes me think the GF probably doesn't have good taste in TV.

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true blood is on now, and it's fabulous. nobody broke up with anyone though, so it's not that.

Unless it's a daytime soap - those run new episodes all year round. . .

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i had no idea the world contained such...weirdos. she's obviously insane. too insane to have a functional relationship with anybody. i suggest you tamper with her TV so she can't find her favourite channel. that'd reeeeeeeeeeeally fark with her brain >:D

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lol what the eff is fark ? oh youre cool man!

I think maybe fark is a misspelling of "frak"

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I agree on messing with her tv, she would probably go insane without this show. But what I would love to see, or read about, is what would happen if the main character got back with the boyfriend and this ex-girlfriend trying to get back with the OP. If he said no, would her head explode and/or have some kind of breakdown? OP, that does really suck, hopefully you weren't dating her for too long.

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This happened on an episode of Seinfeld.

Technically, fark is a news website that is HILARIOUS. Otherwise, this douche is just trying not to spell ****, and in that case, **** him for being a pansy.

He has a right not to swear if he doesn't want to, just like you have the right to swear if you want to. Why are half the comments on this website just people attacking each other for no good reason?

Ahahahahahha!! Agreed #77 That is freakin' hilarious xD

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Now what if it gets canceled? Then what does she do?

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i guess now you know, and you probably would have dumped her once you found out. but that is truly strange. i've heard of tv show obsessions...but never this bad.

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That's creepy your lucky you got out the easy way

Seriously, good riddance. Go tell everybody what she did, make the emails public, point out those monologues, and spare some other poor bloke the same shame. She sounds ******* crazy.

Don't worry about it, her life is a loooot more ****** than yours