By awks - Australia - Doncaster East
Today, I was dismissed from my job at an unemployment agency. In order to receive financial support from the government I need to be cooperating with a job service provider. They paired me up with the same place I was just fired from. FML
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  ZeroProxy  |  4

I know a lot of people who immediately go on to unemployment once they get fired. So benefits are not a mark of struggles, but the prevention of them in some cases.

By  XxXBadAshXxX  |  27

Time to take mental notes and prepare to be better than anybody else!


When I was first sent to one of these 45, I was sent to a branch far from my house. I ask to swap to a different one for convenience and the did it, so I'm sure in this case they'd be more than happy to. The transfer goes through the job provider itself not Centrelink so there shouldn't be annoying delays.