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Today, I was at the airport. I was on my way to see my dad for the first time since I was 4. Whilst I was waiting for my dad to find me, a strange man started flirting with me. Irritated, I told him I was waiting for my dad to get me, and to f*ck off. The strange man was my father. FML
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Good thing you didn't fall for his sweet moves, otherwise you might have a new sister/daughter. That shit gets complicated around the holidays.


Later that day... Father: You remind me so much of your mother. Daughter: (Dull and sarcastic tone) I'm not surprised.

It can't be too awkward... it happened in Tennessee. I hear the banjo music already.

It would be even more awkward if OP was a he.

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Awkward car ride home... better hope it was a short one

You know it's coming... wincest!!! :p

Well, that's one way to break the ice.

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How much does does a penguin have to weigh? Enough to break the ice! *rimshot*

why did the two penguins jump when they first met? To break the ice!

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The penguin dropped his car at the garage & went to treat himself to ice cream. When he returned the mechanic looks up and says, "looks like you blew a seal, man." The penguin wipes his mouth and says, "no, it's just a little ice cream."

65 - HAHAHA that totally mad me forget what I was about to comment. Made my day. :)

Penguins don't weigh anything. I always thought the joke was "How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice, hi I'm ____."

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Actually penguins do have weight. And mass. Just not enough to break your regular layer of ice.

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They take up space as well, right?


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I think OP is more concerned that the strange man hitting on her was her father...not that she may have offended him...

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Why should he have to forgive her? It should be the other way arounf- the father sounds like quite the scumbag. He's been estranged from his daughter for many years and he flirts with random young women in the airport when he's waiting to meet her?

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Hello, to my understanding she wasn't flirting back.

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At least you know he likes you still.

I'd vomit after that situation in sheer horror if I were op.

"you look so beautiful, since the last time I sa...." Op: "get away you ******* creep" " I am your father" *awkward*

Thank you, 111, for putting the FML into a great conversation that we obviously needed.

126--- **** off it was a joke get ur ugly face to a plastic surgeon before I die looking at it!! And u might wanna change ur FML profile picture into something PRETTIER!! So again even tho u have NO LIFE let others tell their funny jokes!!

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Hey sexy... I am your father. "Coughhhh-purrrrrrr"

Good thing you didn't fall for his sweet moves, otherwise you might have a new sister/daughter. That shit gets complicated around the holidays.

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man this shouldn't have made me laugh so hard but it did.. sorry!

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That kind of made my day. Lmfao!!

Like anyone would flirt with you, you uuugly ******....

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28 - that's not very nice, even if it is the truth. 6 - I hate it when someone comments "I hate when that happens". As if the story being told in the FML happens on an everyday basis.

No it's not. If I wasn't a turtle, I'd be all like "Sup' babe" and then she'd have my offspring. At least that's what we do. Turtles are ***** in comparison of your culture.

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To help balance out the bitch in this comment thread I'd like to mention that 6, you're actually quite pretty, I like your hair & make up, and a majority of the people (not commenting on your comment solely for laughs - I always say those people get a free pass unless it's a truly shit job) are assholes, the other is 38 Also, to said aforementioned assholes, please take the pole out of your asses and stop taking out your own inadequacy issues on 6, her comment was funny (or at least a better read than yours) Good day (if this is posted twice blame my glitchy phone and not me)

Your not so great yourself ugly ****** haha :) #72 I think

Gabrielle - First, you have no right to comment on someone's attractiveness, as you don't have a profile pic up yourself. Second, I'm not sure what's working worse - your eyes or your brain. Third, the comment section isn't for commenting on profile pictures. **** off with this bullshit.

What's with the rudeness in this thread? #6 isn't ugly & she plays rugby, so she's pretty cool in my books.

Wait, how am I an asshole? Did you even read my comment? When Gabrielle said "Like anyone would flirt with you..." I responded with saying I would - Indirectly, and humorously (I may have failed but people found it funny) - because clearly she's attractive. Also, inadequacy issues? Really? I think you misunderstood what I was getting at.

bizarre_ftw 21

I believe I said your comment was the exception, maybe I should've phrased that clearer, when I said "the other is 38" I meant you were the one not being an asshole

So I take it this happens to you frequently?

I suspected as much. Don't worry, it happens more often than you think. Nevertheless, have a nice day.

Haha thanks for the comments on me. It only makes me want to do it more ;P

Great, please continue doing it more. It'll just get you banned faster so we don't have to deal with your claptrap anymore. Or have you not read the commenting rules?

I can't find any blame on you here. Your dad shouldn't come up and flirt LMAO. Unless you take things like people are flirting with you all the time. Then YDI.

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True, could have misinterpreted it.

Another reason not to be a dead-beat dad!

welp, at least your dad knows you have standards.