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  lemoncows  |  2

except for that if you don't sneeze the bad pathogens can't get out of your body causing various disease and infection leading to death. the only reason we sneeze is to keep ourselves healthy but I guess that's not important either.

  NavyguyWTF  |  0

Are you kidding me? Even if this was true, why would we worry about someone pulling a muscle or breaking a rib from sneezing instead of the economic crisis or the war or anything for that matter. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot??


if you hold in a sneeze you can burst a blood vessel in you neck and bleed to death too.

that would be something to tell people.

yeah my wife/husband held in a sneeze and busted a vessel in the neck and bleed to death while make ballon animals.

By  ANTLink19  |  4

Are you a 92 year old woman? Do you live like one? Your fault for sheltering yourself. I recommend breathing excersices maybe they'll strengthen your mediastinum. Wimp.

By  LeftyPitcher  |  0

same here I always get sick at this time of year. stuffy nose mucus filled throat sounds gross but getse out of school plus I through really gets stuffed up try mucinex raLly helps