By Unreasonable - United Kingdom - Bath

Bridezilla vs. the Coronavirus

Today, I received a threatening DM from my so-called best friend, telling me that she wouldn't be calling off her wedding next week, despite everyone telling her to postpone due for health and safety reasons, and would claw my eyes out if I stayed in quarantine with my sick mum instead of coming. FML
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By  Seeya55  |  31

She may not have a choice if she's renting a location/items for the wedding itself.

If shes hosting at her house, Show up in a beautiful yellow hazmat suit!

  DoctorPALO  |  12

Bullshit. If an event center or caterer won't work with her in the midst of the Coronavirus event, they don't deserve her business. If she's crazy enough to try and FORCE people out, screw her. The health of her family is more important than any outside events.