By Anonymous - 14/3/2020 18:00 - Netherlands - Bergeyk

Help this person out, please?

Today, I have no close friends, only "people I know and occasionally talk to." I have no idea how I got here, and how to re-socialize back. FML
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By  mayaklast  |  9

I know exactly what you mean. Maybe we should create a club? We could resocialize among 'don't have any close friend' people and have big international meetings and a theme song?
I'm sensing this post is actually the start of a great adventure! XD
Well, if there are a few survivors left in the aftermath of the Corona virus, that is.

By  Marcella1016  |  29

You know, you’d be surprised how easy it is to get to that point as an adult. It’s not like you have school, clubs, marching band, whatever your deal was in school, to connect with and meet people.

One thing I suggest is going to Meetup Groups. It’s a great way to meet people with similar interests. Look it up. Hiking, board games, wine, pets, whatever, they have categories for whatever you’re into. You’ll get there, OP! 😄

By  Ari Dalton  |  2

I got there by choice myself. It's nice to have people you can count on, don't get me wrong. It however, is not great to be expected to constantly put everyone else's needs before your own. Finding the right people to be social with is the key. sometimes that means only being social under a very limited set of circumstances.