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DELTA. Don’t Expect Luggage To Arrive

You are the Chosen One.


get it wired? it's not gone forever. (:

Meh... it happens

it's the illumaniti

next time don't go with Nigeriar!

It's an excuse to buy new clothes!;D

NOW I think I speak for everyone when I say: "LOL"

44- Well stop speaking for everyone. "LOL" was the last thing I thought of when I read this FML.

I don't say "lol" so don't speak for me. :)

53 yeah I don't say lol because I don't actually lol. I say lqtm to be more realistic. LQTM means laugh quietly to myself. -Demitri Martin.

44, you talking to me??

Arretez de se goinfrer!

55- your comment made me LQTM... I love Dmitri Martin.

how do you feel ? :]

Confused and curious...

I feel fat, and sassy.

What are you, a therapist?

yes I help bitches with their usual problems

I'm not a bitch...

Wait I don't understand the FML. His luggage is lost or everyone else's one is?

His luggge is lost

Only his luggage was left behind. So basically he's flying home without his shit.

Mispelled words in both of my comments. Dumb iPhone case.

Should've flew with Southwest. At least you wouldn't have had to pay much to lost them.

happens to all of us OP

Apparently it doesn't.

I have to disagree

Except me, the rest of the passengers on OP's plane, and most everyone else. :3

happened to me. xD the airport kept having to send it to different airports to try and catch up to me seeing as I was on a cruise ship and constantly moving.

It's a conspiracy against you, OP.

Optimus Prime, as explained a while ago by a different commenter.

You are the Chosen One.

It didn't get left behind. By the way I'm enjoying your Viagra very much.

Nobody thinks your funny

airlines always end up fucking up a good vacation!

so do passengers sometimes

I HATE when that happens Xp sorry man!