By anonymous - 19/08/2013 05:41 - United States - Lamar

Today, I found my dad drunk, sitting on the bathroom floor crying. When I asked him why, he said, "My son is gay." I'm his only child, and I'm a girl. FML
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You're his only child that YOU know about... Surprise!

You could respond by breaking down and saying your dad is a lesbian.


omgitsmoe 26

Maybe he have a second wife and a son and he is gay?

K410 18

Hope he didn't propose to you too lol

Could it be that he'd thought OP was a guy all along, hence why he would think she were gay?

45 it's as if he never changed ops diaper..good parents...probably why he's on the floor drunk

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You're his only child that YOU know about... Surprise!

Now I'm craving obnoxiously loud breakfast cereal

Thanks a lot people now I'm craving a rice crispy treat. Can even read fml without being made hungry.

Worse can't eat while reading fmls that make you hungry cause of the horrors on the next page.

triplebeerox 27

Maybe this is his way of telling you that you have a gay brother...

joeyl2008 29

Maybe this is his way of telling you that you are a gay boy

150493x 29

Maybe the drink has just made him incredibly confused and disorientated. Try talking to him when he sobers up to find out what he meant!

Maybe he got way too into a show?

Congrats on your estranged gay brother!

bettyboop428 24

This could be a sign he is leading a double life with two families. Does your father take long trips by himself, maybe for "work"?

RedPillSucks 31

Time to check the birth records and look around for any suspicious hormone treatments lying about.

Seems more like an FML for your unknown brother... "Today, my father found out that I'm gay. His reaction? To get drunk and cry on a bathroom floor, all while telling a sister I never knew I had. FML"