By NoTypeOfExercise - United States - Encino
Today, my husband told me I couldn't go to my morning yoga class, because he needed to leave for work at 7:30 am sharp, and I wouldn't be back in time to watch our son. It's 8:05 am and he still hasn't left for work. FML
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By  soodytheboi  |  23

You could use some interesting method to get him out. If he's still in bed, he could use a technique my brother uses to wake me up. He has a mist spray bottle and mists me whenever I sleep in too late.

By  crudeandrudeguy  |  29

Make it very clear to him that you feel as if you have been taken advantage of in this situation, if he repeats the behaviour then it may be an indication he has no respect for you or your needs...

By  Mysofuckeduplife  |  8

Is he just a bit possessive much. Let him know he can find someone to watch his child while you have, probably the only time that's truly your time, and you will pick your son up afterwards or he just has to deal with getting to work a bit latter than he wants. Every mother needs her own time and if he's trying to control you, than maybe it's time to evaluate your relationship. Good luck!

  Kaylana_fml  |  31

Her yoga class probably didn't start at 7:30 am but probably ended right then thereabouts. There's an unspoken implication that she would have been home in time before he left for work, but I admit I'm only inferring this.

It could also be that she's just annoyed that he had demanded punctuality and then himself failed to be punctual.

  DanielleinDC  |  32

No, whatever time her class was, she wouldn't get home by the time he said he needs to leave for work. So it could be a 6:00 or 6:30 class and she wouldn't get home in time. Either way, OP needs to talk with her husband about his lack of consideration. If he really did need to leave at 7:30 and something came up where he could wait, he should have apologized to his wife for making her miss her yoga class.

By  pettyjohn1995  |  14

Oh no, you missed yoga?!? That's hardly an FML. Things happen once in a while. Unless you have reason to believe he was out to ruin your day by sabotaging your yoga class, get over it and go on with your life.