By worsethanzombies - 23/11/2009 16:40 - Spain

Today, my car crashed and the only refuge was at a nearby house, the resident of which was a crazy psycho. Now replace "crazy psycho" with "crazy ex-girlfriend who won't help you unless you compose a poem about how much you love her." FML
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Roses are red, Violets are blue, I crashed my car intentionally outside your house because I still really love you but I don't have the courage to admit it to myself and definitely not to you. Thank heaven for "free" verse.


Exclaiming, "first!!!!" is only cool when you're finished doing a virgin.

I thought you was a women at first because you said you crashed your car.... But then you said your ex girlfriend and i was like WTF!?!?! Dammit your a disgrace to the male species, just crawl back into your bedroom and only come out once you have grown a pair of lemons, and then you must wait for your coconuts to shrink so you can only visibly see the leafs. Thankyou for your time, I hope i helped. O and this is officialy the THIRD comment, Someone tell me im wrong? ok

sorry, i accidentally re-posted. I didn't mean to!

no, i seriously doubt that. nobody uses that terminology for cars. your car dies, or it crashes, meaning you smashed it into something. the only way your car would crash itself is if the breaks failed or something and you had no control of the car.

great call *cheers*. hahhahah . i dont know how people say YDI for things like this... oh well

# 19 is such a douche!! and as for the FML... can you say karma?!

btw number NINTEEN you're not the thurd comment :)

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Shoulda kept walking to the next house.

Considering this FML comes from Spain, his English could be poor. FHL.

agreed. i clicked ydi jus cuz it was written like this

49- I don't think that's true, because they have this site in other languages, for the people who speak those languages.

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"Today, my car crashed" WHAT?! That doesn't even make sense. Either you wrecked it or someone hit you. Also, why didn't you use your cell phone to call emergency services?

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I had to read this fml over a few times for it to make sense. There's no need to write it like you're a liturgical scholar or something. "Today I crashed my car. The only place I could go to for help was my crazy (psycho) ex-girlfriend who wouldn't help me unless I wrote her a poem telling her how much I love her. FML" ...a lot clearer and direct.

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I read it once and it made sense to me right away.

me too. i understand it perfectly and i kind of like the way he phrased his post.

I don't. The grammar was horrible, which does make it a bit difficult to fully understand what they meant.

It's probably a translation from Spanish. Since he's from Spain...

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I think you're dumb...storyteller.

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Um, that was in response to #18. Not sure why it posted it in the wrong spot

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yes because everyone all over the world should know PERFECT ENGLISH. *sarcasm*

Finally someone that doesn't complain. :) If you don't understand the FML move on.

haha I thought it was funny! "my car crashed" is just a phrase, i getcha. I lol'd

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So...did you write the poem?!