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Today, the traffic court judge didn't believe my three witnesses and two security cameras that proved I was innocent. He claimed a cop would never lie, and that the dashboard security cameras, which the cop brought in, were somehow edited by me. I was fined $1,000 and my license was suspended. FML
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thelistman tells us more.

Also, for the whole story, I had three other people in the car with me when I was caught "running a red light" by 2 cops who were both behind me. I was clearly in the middle of the intersection when the light turned yellow. I have a feeling that the judge was in a shitty mood that day. This was my first ticket I've ever received, and I've been driving for seven years. Even if I was guilty, I don't know why my fine was $1,000 with a license suspension when the original ticket was $75, and no other tickets on my record. This judge is going down.

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I am about 90% sure that the judge is sleeping with the cop.

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Oh wow that really sucks. You should apply for an immediate appeal and find yourself a decent lawyer.


hurray for justice. or perhaps on the other hand not.

dude, just appeal to a higher court for the obvious lack of competency on the judge's part

#27. It was a hick judge. Go toss a skunk into his trailer.

appeal. See if you can get a judge in another state, where judges tend not to do that.

@57: So you're telling him to have sexual intercourse with the very police officer who made this tragedy befall him? While at the same time posting a completely useless post in reply to something completely irrelevant? I feel sorry for the wasted binary code.

Damn you 27, I was going to say "Welcome to Illinois" Definitely appeal OP, don't sit for that shit.

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@ #57: Next time you're in trouble call a crack head.

Yep. That's the Chicago way. Bet you voted for Obama too. YDI douchebag.

I hope you learned your lesson. Don't tamper with evidence. You totally deserved it

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straight from the underground , young nigga got it bad on me uz I'm brown **** the police!

yeah deffinantly take that shit higher **** america

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**** dosnt always mean sex....mabye the op is a dude...or and girl if there is a girl officer

This is a good case to get that judge thrown off the bench. Fight for it!

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Oh wow that really sucks. You should apply for an immediate appeal and find yourself a decent lawyer.

Yes! By all means go hire an Attorney for $2,500 and file a $250 Case Filing fee, plus a $1,000 Bond fee (to guarantee the initial fine is paid if you lose the appeal). And then, you have a 20% chance of overturning the conviction. Listen stupid. Take the $2,750 you would spend on trying to overturn a hopeless case and buy yourself 2750 Lotto tickets. You have a better chance of winning your $1,000 back....

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People like you are the reason the system stays so corrupt; sitting on your hands saying, "Well it's easier of you just bend over and take it."

The problem here is any extra law stuff will cost more than $1000. Iit all depends on the importance of having a licence and whether the difference is worth it, because if you he gets a decent lawyer then he'll win (from what his told us) but it may cost him a little, is all.

well if what he is saying is true then it doesn't sound like he needs a lawyer too badly, but i would say to appeal to a higher court and try to go after the judges job since he is obviously too corrupt to be in any state of power in this country

Yeah but if you're going to take the judge's dumb ass to court, you can also stipulate in your case that he has to pay all of your court fees when you win the case. What a ******* dumbass judge... he deserves to be disbarred if he's living in some fantasy land where cops are model citizens.

You know dogshit about US and State law your moron. Trying reading a Civics 101 textbook and stop trying to pass your GED via MTV News.

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She/He says he didn't. That's what this whole FML is about, dumbass.

Did you read the original post at all?

Get some reading comprehension before calling people a dumbass...

You guys are well smart, you all know what sarcasm is. See I did it again, hopefully this time you can understand. Sorry I can't type slower, so please just read slower then go back to putting you fingers in plug sockets.

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what you said can't be interpret as sarcasm even if you do say it slower

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You guys are all obviously severely mentally impaired. Learn to read the English Language and learn to recognize a little thing that's called a "context clue".

You are a ******* moron if you ONLY listen to one-side of the story shit-for-brains! You always make up your mind after knowing 1/2 the story?

I said to read slower so your debilitated brain could understand my point, obviously it couldn't.

piles_of_fail 0 fail @ sarcasm. simple as that.

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oh wow, soooooo original [/sarcasm]

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hey John-bell, how 'bout a nice cup of SHUT THE **** UP?!

It's not that we didn't pick up on the sarcasm, it's that the statement you based your comment on ("that'll teach you not to...") is heavily used in a non-sarcastic manner, and does not structurally work as sarcasm because stressing any word in that sentence with a sarcastic tone would only make the statement sound more earnest.

See if you can get this appealed, it sounds like a mistrial to me.

you know what you sound like with that opinion? Ignorant.

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put it on the news because the juge CANT do that is illegal

In a bench trial, the judge is trier of fact. That means he gets to decide which evidence he beliees and how much weight he gives it. So yes, he CAN do that, and no, it's not illegal. Even if the OP manages to get it overturned on appeal, the judge won't face civil or criminal liability for it. You ******* tard.

No offense, but any country where TWO surveillance videos show that a person is NOT guilty, yet the judge still finds them guilty, should overthink their court and justice system. How can he just look at a video and say "Yea, I see that you didn't do it, but I don't believe it" WTF?

You're giving the OP far too much benefit of the doubt. Usually, when people claim a video clearly and conclusively shows them to be innocent, it does no such thing. The problem is most likely not in the Illinois justice system, but in the OP's expectations for a pair of ambiguous videos.

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Thank you number 70. Everyone on these things always assumes the OP is entirely innocent. If they're not lying about the whole thing.

The judge heard BOTH sides of the case. WE only heard one side.... and that was from the LOSER of the case. Damn, there is an over abundance of ignorant liberals on this post. No wonder Mr "Nobel Peace Prize" is your President.

Yes, by all means... put it on the news... IF you own a TV Station, or IF you own a Radio station, or IF you own a Newspaper. It is not news.

There's no proof that you edited the videos. Get a lawyer.

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bribe. sue. include the judge's address in your submission. he'll be away for a very long holiday the next day.

Step 1: Get a (good) lawyer Step 2: File an appeal Step 3: File a formal complaint against the judge