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Today, I discovered that for the last six months my mother has been leaving my TV on FOX while I sleep, in the hope that my subconscious will absorb it and turn me into "a morally-upright human being". FML
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If she wants someone with morals, better try some other channel...

Leave her tv on the parenting channel, might help.


hannahcorrine 0

Like hearing how congress ruled pizza a vegetable?

Your mother is dumb (or desperate) but for all we readers know, she might be right. Maybe you do need to learn some morals and/or common sense. YDI

jillianmathers12 13

The only reason why I watch fox is for the Simpsons

nixter5 18

Fox is so unbelievably biased. All those trolls that comment and blame Obama for everything probably watch Fox every night.

60- not to turn this into a poltical debate, but wht has obama actually done that is positive for the nation.

Has Glenn Beck infiltrated your mind yet?

I watch Fox news. You have to decide what to believe. if I hear something that sounds outrageous, I'll research it. I generally like it because they have hot blonde news anchors. ;)

lmw562 3

If it wasn't for fox or kabc people wouldn't know about solyndra and operation fast and furious would have been forgotten.

Icejza_DaChilla 7

Actually when FOX was first conceived in the Reagan administration they were originally going to call it GOPTV.. You know, "fair and balanced". RepubLieCons are deceptive lying lethargic devils and if you believe the crap they are spoon feeding you then please wake up and come back to humanity, we miss you. Listen to Thom Hartmann, it'll help.

SexyHindu 2

83-Amen... Get him out of office ASAP. He hasn't done shit

83- something bush failed to do. Bring more than half our troops from Iraq. And semi-officially ending the war.

Sexyhindu and #83, America out of iraq, osama dead, economy starting to stabalize. What has bush done? Ruined this country. Don't bring the "**** OBOZO" yahoo comments to fml. Get your crap out of here!!!!

midnightxloner 1

Ok 113- how about 6.5 trillion dollars of debt alone, pushing his health care through which is turning out to be completely unconstitutional and trying to push SOPA. Open your eyes

Sorry, politics are not my thing. I just stated what the good is, not the bad. That "open your eyes" or "wake up" doesn't work on me. I'm more concerned about my own life. **** mainstream news media.

laxbro182 1

Hey 142! He added 5 trillion in 8 years. Read up you ignorant person! Obama added 4 trillion in 2 and a half years. That's more per year than Bush. You sir Fail

Shut up, laxbro. He **** up the country with "no child left behind". Blame obama all you want, but at least he didn't start the most wars america has fought in existance and force idiots to graduate high school with barely any skills. Fucktard...

laxbro182 1

Haha clearly you are not very involved in the world. Who spoon feeds you this garbage? Please go be ignorant somewhere else.

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If she wants someone with morals, better try some other channel...

There is no others. All our damn media is shit

MagicGiraffe 12

I fall asleep to Family Guy, some great morals there.

yourlifesfucked 0

I'm assuming OP is talking about Fox news. But I agree, our mainstream media is trash. All human interest and opinionated bullshit. Try BBC if you can get it in your area.

Yeah. Maybe OP will turn into Fluttershy. That would be awesome.

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What's a Fluttershy? Is it like a Ponyta?

yourlifesfucked 0

Huh? I'm American, voting age is 18 here.

unitedfan11 0

Fox news is probably the most opinionated bullshit I have ever seen. Doesn't get more biased than that

Llama_Face89 33

53- Nah that's Twilight Sparkle. She evolved into a Rapidash.

BBC is just as bias as fox, crap news station

Maybe some Peter griffin will rub off onto you. That would be good

_daniellesays_ 10

Or some Allen Gregory, that'd work too.

At least its not MSNBC. Rick Perry 2012! :D

yourlifesfucked 0

LOL. Politically retarded troll is politically retarded.


Relax, he can have opinions too

I'm from Texas and I don't even like Perry.

Perry isn't for everyone. But he's way better (in my opinion) than Obama, and there's no need to get all pissy or thumbs down and ridicule my beliefs just because you disagree. If you don't like him, don't vote for him.

yourlifesfucked 0

Oh no I'm not making fun of you because I think Perry is a terrible candidate ( for the record, I do). I'm making fun of you because there is no way he will win the primary. And also, I figured you were trolling because, well... Youizbatroll.

I didn't say Perry would win, I just like him :P On the basis of intelligence and electability, he has no chance in Hell, but I, being the redneck cracka I am think he would be a great guy to lead our country :)

FMLandurstoo 9

Everybody stop hating on conservatives. Fox news isnt the only biased news network. CNN is even worse in the opposite direction. Don't turn this into a political battle. It's not about that. Just blame the moms stupidity for thinking she can change someones mind subconsciously.

yourlifesfucked 0

He lost any credibility with me when he said that the military fought for the right for gay marriage to be banned.

flockz 19

what is this political bullshit?

He has been a little too harsh on the gays for my taste, but that just comes with the territory of most right wing extremists. We already live in a tolerant society, so not voting for someone on that issue alone would just be stupid when we have a nation that's failing economically and stuff :P

Flockz, just close your eyes and slowly back away. *sticks fingers in ears* LALALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!

samikitty961 8

i think that whoever is in charge of closing the comments probably has similar political views with the majority of the commenters on here.

every1luvsboners 11

I think that spoon you're holding is freaking huge. Where can I get one of those?

I don't see anything about being smarter...? The FML only mentions morality but either way, FOX will certainly not make you smarter lol.

RedPillSucks 31

Or moral. Talk about WWJND (What Would Jesus Not Do).

Yea lol. I wach tv a lot n im prety smart. Lol I'm so smart I dont even haf 2 go 2 scewl. Every1 nos that 1+1=3 lol nub.

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Your pic matches this comment so well... Your face is like. The f**k is this s**t?

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All news channels are biased. Fox is right wing. MSNBC is left wing, and CNN always goes against the party in power, so actually nowadays they are quite right wing... But CNN is arguably the least biased.