By disneyworld - / Sunday 14 February 2010 05:49 / United States
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  mayhaha  |  0

I would be like "If u leave without me I will kill myselfe that's right you will come home and I will be hanging from the cieling fan" then see what he says

  Gabrieeeel  |  0

You wish (that you could do money with your money)

Although these kinds of joke are always made by people in need of sex, because they can't get some in the normal ways :-)

  Ajjas013  |  6

Or she could be a crazy hooker-assailant, slicing off the heads of innocents.


like in this one weird but fuckin amazing book call the third deadly sin it's sooo good lol. she's a freaky secretary but day but by night she's a deranged killer prositute but only when she's on her rag. go figure!!^__^

  Ajjas013  |  6

Let's kill 76 for reading, rape his dead body, pickpocket him, trick his family, sell his organs, rape him some more, and then go to church and repent even though I'm not Christian :)

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

That could be how the sb's gf is getting there. OP are you sure he's paying for her? Maybe she bought her own ticket and is rooming with her bf. Not that it's any comfort to you as you sit at home alone...

By  BeefHotLinx  |  0

If you were really paying attention i think you would have seen this coming, it doesnt just strike you that your dad hates you, i mean come on you probably should have realized it a while ago