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Today, I found out that when my parents said they couldn't afford gifts for us kids, what they really meant was that they weren't buying a gift for me. I found this out when I overheard my father telling my uncle about the things he got my siblings. FML
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Just remember this when their birthdays come around. FYL, OP. Merry Christmas.


Just remember this when their birthdays come around. FYL, OP. Merry Christmas.

Or maybe he could use the ol "I guess you don't have money for me, so I guess I don't have money for you" line.

Look and see if the nursing home from happy gilmore has an opening.

I’m so sorry, OP. See if you can question them about this

Damn, that's messed up. I'm sorry, OP. I hope you're okay.

Why would OP not be okay? He/she didn't get hurt, except for emotionally.

#9 - Emotional abuse is a form of hurt, I mean, you can sue for it now in courts in England (I don't know about the rest of the U.K.) so that must mean something...?

Emotional abuse and emotional pain are two VERY different things.

Sorry op it sucks I know just let it go that's what I'll do if i were you

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Uh, no. OP'S parents purposefully left OP out. That's a giant asshole move. I'd use this as a guilt trip in the future.

In my experience, poor people don't brag about being poor. He could have been lying to avoid telling him.

If so, wouldn't he have just not brought it up or lie and say he bought op something as well?

Get him a card filled with glitter, to show your appreciation.

Confront them about it. If you had done it there maybe your grandfather would have stood up for you. Either way stand up for yourself, and don't do that if you ever have kids.

I mean uncle, for some reason I thought the OP's father was lying to his father.