By dadisgoatboy - 11/06/2011 06:37 - Switzerland

Today, my dad awkwardly asked me how to selectively clear his browser history. Apparently, my mom discovered his browsing habits and tore him a new one for looking at "nothing but vile smut". FML
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dave04045 1

She caught him watching Fox News...

What she doesn't realise is that your Dad was actually playing poker, and the 'vile smut' were pop-ups.


denbeste 3
imacreeper 3

if you wouldn't do it when somebody's watching, then don't do it at all.

She's a pornstar, my favorite in fact.

if you look it up nothing but vile smut on bing you find lesbian ****...OH DAD!

Jeez **** is no problem really, think about it's not as bad as screwing another woman. **** is just movies for adults and nothing more.(and yes women watch **** too, if you say they don't you're just in denial)

BelleElle_fml 5

Looking up "vile smut"? What? Haven't your parents ever watched **** together?

haileemarie7 6

42-I'm going to have to disagree. While yes, it's not as bad as screwing another woman, it's still bad. Mist women don't enjoy men fantasizing about other women. It makes them feel insecure, and not good enough. Weather or not it's affecting your intimacy, it really is a slap in the face knowing your husband/boyfriend is dreaming about being intimate with someone other then yourself.

sweetcande999 0

so guys need to change to accommodate your unreasonable insecurities? intimacy is shared with a real live human being. **** is a way for men (and many women) to release their innate urges. yes, some people develop an unhealthy addiction to it, but that's definitely not the majority.

cradle6 13

49-Thats a very close minded way of seeing it. The male mind is not monogamous. There is a strong drive to spread the seed. Thats why humans are a successful species. Even so, we remain in monogamy for our partner. And if you considering **** cheating because men "fantasize about other women," then you must consider the majority of chick flicks, movies/books like twilight, and attractive celebrities in the media also cheating. How is a woman drooling over Taylor Lautner somehow better than a male watching ****? It's extremely hypocritical and a double standard. You could make your boyfriend/husband feel insecure. Therefore, by your standards 49, a couple that is together should never ever look at someone of the opposite sex in any circumstance because they could make their partner jealous. Maybe they should blind themselves, just to be safe.

haileemarie7 6

54- I don't appreciate words being put into my mouth. Never once did I say it was wrong to look at pornography. I was just stating how I (and quiet a few other women I've met) feel about the subject. Also, I've never picked up a romance novel nor anything twilight related. So your argument fails. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion, and I was simply sharing mine. It's just like your spouse smoking, they're both bad habits and some people don't like them others don't mind. Also, you don't know me or anything about my past. So don't call my insecurities "irrational".

deathtrap 0

only if you are very insecure. fantasizing is not a crime or cheating. it's healthy for a relationship. now if your man is fantasizing about ur bff then that's wrong lol

haileemarie7 6

Also, looking at a completely clothed attractive woman is complete different then looking at a naked attractive woman going to town on herself. Also, it doesn't make sense that JUST looking at **** takes care of urges. Because last time I checked that's what masturbating was for. Also, last time I checked, you don't NEED to look at another human being having sex with someone else to **********. I'm not skipping to the steamy parts of romance novels to ********** to. I don't understand why a man has to look at **** to **********.

deathtrap 0

many, many couples use **** as a tool to teach each other what they like or need. and they are mature enough to realize that **** is not real sex. it's merely entertainment. try it sometime

haileemarie7 6

61- I understand having fantasy is good, but not fantasizing about other women. I've spent mass amounts of time and money buying costumes, and toys, and swings, and books, and whatever else my husband wants to keep things interesting. I've worked my ass off for years making sure he's satisfied. Believe me, there are other ways to find out what he likes.

Jojo08_fml 0

#60 must be a girl which is why she doesn't understand.

AlterrOnmi 0

I'm a chick and understand..Me and my husband watch **** to spice things up and cuz we're both pretty competitive and always wanna out do each other by doing it better than the **** stars.

well everyone's minds wonders, the hot checkout person, the person at the bar, were just human! plus u can't get herpes from **** :)

haileemarie7, In my own personal experience I have found it alot easy to ********** while watching **** then just sitting in a room staring at a wall. Not only that but not watching **** just seems weird.

kofinater 3

Google chrome:incognito mode, does the trick for me as far as **** is concerned. Any private browsing is the way to go on a shared computer.

Well duuh... When you click on the picture it says "Title: Miss"...............-.-'

niralz16 0

love how this argument started on someone asking what "vile smut" is

you guys should check out a secular scientific site called

so ur pretty much saying u wanna be a virgin ur whole life? Kay, cool.

look at his Name, its "Dad is Goat Boy". I'm guessing its goat ****??

What she doesn't realise is that your Dad was actually playing poker, and the 'vile smut' were pop-ups.

dave04045 1

She caught him watching Fox News...

Haha so We gotta pay the debt off that Obama has racked up and fox news has sense and I think is right

dtbomb 3

Hope you don't find two girls one cup in his history.

Almost every man has looked up ****, it doesn't make him any less of a man.

shouldn't still be going on when your married with kids though

MizzErikaHart 8

oh really?? wait til u get married n have kids. and if ur a girl then lighten up when u do get married cuz I'm 99.9% positive ur man will still look at ****

I agree MizzErika! Mostly every man does it, nothing wrong with it in my eyes, unless they pursue something they are not supposed to.

fatalkiss 0

Oh, poo. Your dad's a man, men look at ****. Not like you caught him watching it.

jennifer93 0

I'm going to type "nothing but vile smut" into google right now and see what it brings up

KiddNYC1O 20
kingtz 6

She probably found justin beiber, which it's why she still hasn't answered.

Your Mom, needs to come to the realization that the "FML web site" is rated PG14 ( and if it bothers her too much...... something!)

jennifer93 0

the mom wasn't talking about FML, she was talking about ****...