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By Carnage23 - 05/06/2016 12:38 - Germany - Herborn

Today, I was on a long road trip with my son. He had to pee, and told him he had to wait till I could stop the car. He started counting backwards from 10. I couldn't stop in time. FML
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More like rude. My parents would never let that fly. When I was seven I got carsick and threw up on the spot, no warning, didn't even feel it coming, and my parents still made me clean it up myself. Him counting back like that shows that he voluntarily had an accident, even when his dad didn't say no, he just said that he couldn't pull over right then. If I were OP I would discipline him and teach him that comfort will not always be immediate.

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28 - your parents seem sort of shitty to do that? If he peed on purpose yes, but why advocate to punish kids for accidents? They're kid.

Well that's because your parents are assholes.

I'm with you 28. A 5 yo has enough bladder control to last beyond a 10-count; barring any physical or mental developmental delays, I'd say the turd did it spitefully. Bodily functions are one of the few things that young children have control over, and it is well-documented that they are mentally capable of manipulating adults in regards to these functions. The count down was likely him mimicking his parents and asserting his authority in this situation. If it were my kid, he'd be cleaning it up. (PHD in Infant & child development)

I thought you weren't supposed to punish a child for bodily functions like going to the bathroom? Though I wouldn't really say making them help clean it up is truly a punishment

Just because they're a kid doesn't mean they don't know better. I work with kids all day long and sometimes, they just do what they want to do, even if they know it's wrong. So, yes, punishing the kid in a situationally appropriate way would definitely be what I would have done.

No. It's so that they discipline them so they won't do it again.

sorry you had a shitty childhood but that doesn't mean all kids should be punished for accidents

#43 We don't know if the child had any developmental delays or other handicaps. So we can't say if the child knew his limits and just waited too long to ' throw a tantrum' . Or a handicap prevent the child from knowing until it was too late.

How are they assholes? My parents did the same. A 7 year old isn't a newborn, man. A 7 year old can think to clean up a mess they made. The same people who don't think that kid should've been punished for PURPOSELY peeing in the car, are the same ones who are still picking up all of their kids' toys when they're 11 years old. Get a rag and some soap and water and clean it up. Nothing more to it. It's not cruel or anything. Just teaching the kid that comfort isn't immediate and to clean up after yourselves.

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What I don't understand here is why cleaning up after yourself is used as a punishment. If we have kids pick up their toys, tidy their rooms, and wipe up their spills, what's wrong with having them clean up an accident? Yes it's pee (etc.), yes it was an accident (or not), and just like any other mess, you made it and you should (at least help) clean it up. Not a punishment, just part of what it means to clean up after yourself.

The kid counted down. No kid "accidentally" pees counting down. Name one person who knows they have exactly 10 seconds until they pee. He was trying to assert authority and purposely peed in the car.

When kids say they have have to go, they really have to go. Still in gonna say FYL because It usually isn't an option to pull over and let your kid pee.

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If a kid is still young enough they only recognize they have to pee 15 seconds before they can't hold it any longer, they should still be in training underwear because they'll almost never make it to the bathroom in time.

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#7 they probably realize before that, but don't say anything until it's an emergency. so they have to be taught to say something earlier. in another comment, the OP said he's five, which I think is old enough for them to know.

The kid started a countdown. He wasn't just trying to hold it as long as possible. Depending on his age, it seems a bit like he was being demanding and punishing his parent for not meeting his demand immediately.

The guy said he was 5, that's more than old enough to know how to hold it. Sounds to me like he needs an ass whoopin

"And that's why kids we don't travel anymore.."

"But you'll have wait until you're older to learn kids why we speak with such odd syntax."

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if u saw that srry wrong comment

maybe he's ted mosby with syntax dyslexia?

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And then you let him sit in it for 30 more minutes

Whst's OP supposed to do, pull a vacuum out of hammerspace and clean it up while on the highway?

If I ever did that my mom would hit the gas to 80 and then fling me right on out

That puts a hilarious image into my mind xD

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Where was it said that OP was being a hard ass?

1) No emergency lane. 2) There is a barrier and no side of the road. 3) You're on a long bridge that would take more than 10 seconds to get off. All situations where what you are suggesting is impossible.

He counted down from five. You can't possibly expect people to be five seconds or less from a bathroom. Even if they had been in a Wendy's parking lot when the kid said something they probably wouldn't have made it in and to the bathroom on a count of five.

14, I hope there comes a day in your life when you're stuck in traffic on the freeway and you have to take a piss.

The countdown suggests to me your kid is a jerk. He didn't have an accident; he counted down then let it loose. 10 seconds isn't even enough time to pull over and get him out. Hope you had him help clean up the mess and put him in pull-ups for road trips now.

he is 5 and that's all he thought he could hold it

My kids are 4 and 5. They whine until we can find a gas station if it's taking to long. They have never counted down and just given up on cue. If they go down they are going down trying and likely crying (they'd feel bad if they wet themselves).

When I was 5 I held it for 8 hours on a 15 hour trip. When I felt like I was about to burst that's when I asked my parents to stop and they gladly did. Not smart of me, I know, but I was 5 and wanted to see how long I could hold it.