By Anon - / Saturday 18 February 2017 16:29 / Canada - Calgary
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By  Bingo_Bango  |  6

Ouch. In a lot of FML's I like to think, I bet there's 2 sides to this story. But with this one, I can't possibly think there's any excuse for that behaviour. That's one delusional self centered 'friend'. You don't need that at such a happy time (congrats btw).

By  Max Gray  |  2

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  Bingo_Bango  |  6

Yea, naaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Someone who's a good enough friend to notice you weren't at their birthday, would know you were at FULL term and it could happen any time.

  Bingo_Bango  |  6

And who actually demands a birthday gift anyway over the age of 5? I usually say no gifts cos I'm not a materialistic shit and hanging out with my friends is good enough.

  Arashikage  |  15

It doesn't matter if she didn't know, calling someone out for not going to a birthday party and demanding a present like a damn 4 year old is immature as hell.

  Max Gray  |  2

I never said I agreed with her demanding a present or complaining, I'm just saying that she can't get mad at her for not knowing she was giving birth, unless she told her.

  Sparkieemae  |  14

How do you think conversations work? ->Person one calls person two: Person two: Hello? Person one: "Hello, you ruined my birthday party by no-call no-showing, you better still have a gift for me." ->They hang up Person two: "Well that was rude of her not to assume I was giving birth, as this child is precious to me it is obvious the entire planet is aware he was born." I mean, it's a pretty obvious inference that what she was actually doing the night of the missed party was at very least mentioned.

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