Birthday Bitch

By Anon - 21/02/2017 16:00 - Canada - Calgary

Today, I received an angry phone call from a friend whose birthday party I missed last night. Yesterday, I gave birth to my son. She claims that I ruined her party and demands I still bring her a birthday gift. FML
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And I would have told that friend to **** off I was having a baby. The world doesn't revolve around you.

OP: There's now one less Christmas card for you to send out this year....


jcash52426 5

And I would have told that friend to **** off I was having a baby. The world doesn't revolve around you.

OP: There's now one less Christmas card for you to send out this year....

If her party was "ruined" just because one person wasn't there, it probably sucked anyway. She can get over herself, and you should probably tell her that.

I'm afraid OP's "friend" is an idiot and extraordinarily self centered. You do not need people like that in your life.

Ouch. In a lot of FML's I like to think, I bet there's 2 sides to this story. But with this one, I can't possibly think there's any excuse for that behaviour. That's one delusional self centered 'friend'. You don't need that at such a happy time (congrats btw).

Give her a dirty nappy as her birthday present if she's going to have that kind of attitude.

I'd offer her the placenta. OP spent a lot of time making it and it's one-of-a-kind.

Ok so does she actually know that you just had a baby though? She's not a mind reader. It's possible she didn't know you actually had the baby yet. Like yes, I know it's a special moment for you and that you are motherly and territorial over your new baby, we get it, but you still shouldn't automatically assume everyone in the world just knows- by mere instinct- that you had your beloved baby. The world, sadly, does not revolve around you. However, if you told her that you just had your baby, and she still flipped out, then obviously she's a selfish friend. So it could go either way. I didn't click either button

Yea, naaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Someone who's a good enough friend to notice you weren't at their birthday, would know you were at FULL term and it could happen any time.

And who actually demands a birthday gift anyway over the age of 5? I usually say no gifts cos I'm not a materialistic shit and hanging out with my friends is good enough.

It doesn't matter if she didn't know, calling someone out for not going to a birthday party and demanding a present like a damn 4 year old is immature as hell.

I never said I agreed with her demanding a present or complaining, I'm just saying that she can't get mad at her for not knowing she was giving birth, unless she told her.

Why the hell should OP be OK with getting called out for something she didn't deserve?do you even think before you comment?

are you dumb?! I'm sure she told her she had a baby.

How do you think conversations work? ->Person one calls person two: Person two: Hello? Person one: "Hello, you ruined my birthday party by no-call no-showing, you better still have a gift for me." ->They hang up Person two: "Well that was rude of her not to assume I was giving birth, as this child is precious to me it is obvious the entire planet is aware he was born." I mean, it's a pretty obvious inference that what she was actually doing the night of the missed party was at very least mentioned.

Honestly you're a tool if you think that her "friend" had any sorr of ground to stand on. You think they wouldn't know that their friend's 9 months pregnant or that she's expecting at any time? Regardless, a newborn baby is far more important than a day you celebrate once a year, EVERY year.

Doesn't sound like much of a "friend". Too self-centered. One could point out that a good friend wouldn't have missed the birth of your child.

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Okay they're an asshole but on the bright side one less card