By freylero - 27/10/2009 19:35 - United Kingdom

Today, my son's hamster died. It was overweight and got stuck in its plastic tube. My 6 year old son came downstairs to me smashing a plastic tube with a dead hamster in it on the kitchen table. He thinks I killed it. FML
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freylero tells us more.

Basically, he's had hamsters that have dies before, and we always gave them a funeral... so I didn't want to bury him in a plastic tube so my husband gave me the job of removing the hamster....

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perdix 29

You should have blown it out. It would have been hilarious if the fat, dead hamster hit your kid like a blowgun dart. Hilarious for us; years of therapy for the kid.


whatevaaaa 0

what?? a rattle toy! thats worst then getting it taxidermed! poor hamster, R.I.P. besides dont worry too much about it your son will get over it.

You may be English, but your son's (now-deceased) hamster is pure American.

Actually... I'm Norwegian...... And I don't really get your comment....

CyclonePsycho 1

The hamster became overweight. Americans are known for being overweight. Ta-da?

PunxsatownyPhil 0

I resent that! But wow, an OP commenting on her (I'm assuming) own FML. Pretty rare.

friedpwnadge 25

Look at all the bitchy Americans thumbing the comments down. It's true though, diabetic *****. 2/3 of the population is obese.

MidnightMusic53 37

Even though it is in fact true, it doesn't mean you get to be an ass about it. I'm part of the 1/3 who are at the correct weight, and I don't appreciate being insulted just because I'm from America. There are people who are working to correct this issue. I don't go around and insult other countries for ridiculous reasons, and I expect the same out of you. I mean honestly, all of this because of a fat hamster? This is just immature.

MidnightMusic53 37

Edit: I did just notice your location is in America, but it's still unnecessary to insult everyone in a country as a whole. Nobody deserves to be insulted simply because of their location. You cannot choose where you were born, and in a lot of situations, you cannot choose where you reside (such as if you're still living with family).

#101, 1/3 of the population is obese, 1/3 is correct, and 1/3 is overweight. There is a difference between overweight and obese. Also, I'd like to point out, we are #6 on the list of obesity, not #1.

rabbi1010 29

im american, at the correct weight. and i found this comment funny.

Expertfail 0

He's 6... since when did his opinion matter?!

USxWolfCatxUK 16

#3 - Just because they're younger, their opinions don't matter? You're horrible.

a pet hamster; there's always a motive to kill them ;D

LOL XD that's actually pretty funny how he just comes ad smash the tube on a table xD but on the other hand... poor plastic tube,hamster and table D=

R.I.P furry dude u are inhamster heaven with all your food now god is your owner now

perdix 29

You should have blown it out. It would have been hilarious if the fat, dead hamster hit your kid like a blowgun dart. Hilarious for us; years of therapy for the kid.

PunxsatownyPhil 0

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (genuine)

cbass5822 0

how old r u how do u have a 6 yr old

rabbi1010 29

youre epic, perdix. great point

It would've taken him a while to starve if he wuz as fat as you say he wuz. How could you not notice something?

i_heart_boobies 0

well obviously the plastic tube didn't kill it so starvation did the trick..and if u say "well he died from being in the little plastic tube" that's where your wrong because if that was the case then he would have been to fat to enter the tube in the first place :)