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Today, I went to a party and we all decided to play hide-and-go-seek despite our ages. I started counting. When I was done, I started searching and after 5 minutes of searching, I found that everyone left me. FML
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To clarify, they left me. They weren't even hiding.

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If you classify those people as friends, I suggest finding new and better ones.

Had you turned thirty, flirty, and thriving when you opened your eyes as well?


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eminemchick 19

youll be *forever alone* D:

Metal_Chick 15

Wow, screw the person who thinks being the first to comment is so important.

Mine says I was first because the first two FML's that just appeared both had 0 votes. I guess more than one person got the "first" vote.

gunmania0 12

I'm only mad because you can't spell 'cue' correctly!! :@

Susieee_Q 9
cockseverywhere 2

sad your comment won't even show up soon.

Metal_Chick 15

43- Well he's not the only idiot in this world so you never know.

I would've ate the all the food hehe

I played hide and seek with Osama bin laden, he won round 1 to 1537735. but I won round 1537736

Like Antoine Dodson, We gon' find you :)

KennKenn 0

I'm sorry, but 27, with the expression on your face, it looks like you're being done from behind.

iEatGuppies 0

that happened to me when I was 6. the kid was my neighbor and he ran home when I was counting:( FYL...

krista2009 0

right it's just a comment if it's that's important then they need to get a life

104 I thought you were replying to the comment right above you which makes it sound hilarious!

omg 122 ur right that's even funnier then the actuall post

Eliseopwns 22

She was thinking it would be fun, obviously._.

You have a bad day? You wanna talk about it?

flockz 19

idk.... maybe she is just really bad at hide and seek and didnt find anyone. maybe they're all still hiding...

ImaWiseGuy 5

haha, jokes on them hide and go seek is the shit...

chlorinegreen 27

I would of been really hurt by this. this is about the time you look and see what you really have with these people. what they offer as a friend. next time I would just ignore them. they don't matter.

srhsrhsrh 0

77 ur pic is my cat when she was little haha and hide and go seek does ******* rock outdoors!

haha me and my friends do this to each other all the time, we try and talk the person into a situation where we have the chance to book it away when they're not looking. it's actually quite entertaining. we always come back and find each other after a few minutes though and congratulate each other on a joke well played. if the friends never came back though then yeah, FYL and get some better friends.

108 I've seen 77's picture on a wallpaper app, so how can it be your cat? Did you submit it to a wallpaper app?

mine also said I was first, it's said the first two had 0 votes.

bigmanj28 0

Is it just me or has there been several variations of this on FML before?

-silently waits for comment to be moderated - :)

Yeah but maybe there is just a lot of ppl getting ditched by their "friends" : (

If you classify those people as friends, I suggest finding new and better ones.

or you should try looking harder. the world is your playground.

To clarify, they left me. They weren't even hiding.

Hey, 75 is OP. You should get new friends

well the next time you see them simply walk away like a boss

branruben 0

heyy livinia.. how can I get a hold of u lol do u have like a fb or something??

1215116a 14
lordlekal 17

Maybe it was your falt they all left you.

prince122 0

Please learn how to spell. Falt? Seriously? You forgot a letter. Lmao

zuzupetalsYO 11
zfchatroulette 24

I'm not sure I see the humor in someone accidentally mistyping a word.

Had you turned thirty, flirty, and thriving when you opened your eyes as well?

alexa183 2

that's what I was wondering!! :)

sky22_fml 7

Hahaha I thought of that scene too! :P

MiaLoves 8
JayBear14 11

Your friends are rude and immature. not for playing hide and seek, but for being shitty friends.