By Anonymous - 12/08/2012 17:25 - Netherlands - Amsterdam

Today, I found out that ever since I got my blonde highlights, I've been mocked behind my back at work, and nicknamed "The Skunk". FML
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mpj13 8

That stinks... Sorry guys

Blonde and dark hair. At least I hope you don't smell like a skunk! :)


mpj13 8

That stinks... Sorry guys

Aaaaand here comes the thumb downs

awe you beat me too it.. Smell ya later then.

9- Gary oak reference?

Gary fuckin' Oak!!!! You want your 8th gym badge? Who has it 1st? Gary fuckin' Oak! Beat the elite four? Gary Fuckin Oak. You're going down on your wife. GARY Fuckin' OAK did it first.

Y no puede cambiar su foto? 

iHeartRKO 5

Was Gary Fuckin Oak a hipster?

happyday123_321 2

For you #6

Comment unavailable. -Unofficial FML Staff.

1- The only FML where a comment like that is pure gold!

Same thing happened to me when I got my highlights. XD

Blonde and dark hair. At least I hope you don't smell like a skunk! :)

I don't see what's wrong, sounds sexy enough...

Out-perform them at work. Then see who's laughing.

KeannaLove 32

I suggest you find a new stylist... Or a nice hat:)

devandanae 11

Not the stylists fault

#7 just what I was going to say! it IS the stylists fault for letting her leave looking like that. I'm a hairstylist and I would never let a client leave if there was one bad thing you could say about their hair, that's my job!!!!!!!!

But sometimes people don't listen to their hair stylist. Plenty of times I've had something done against my hairdresser's wishes!

pcentral 17

At least you're providing your colleagues with amusement. I know it's at your expense, but still...

Very true body odor is worse than any bad hair style

Why don't you take more pictures? Go take some!

Wrong post, You're thinking of the post before.

No, the post after, not before

iHeartRKO 5

13 y u trollin

31 the post after this one is about the brawl at the workplace. The one before is about him not having enough pictures.

Who's to say that your coworkers have good taste clearly they're jealous and couldn't rock blonde highlights keep doing you and forget those haters

I bet you look cute anyway, OP! Fuck those jerks. (not literally tho :)

I don't think having sex with them will solve the problem...

Lol i just said not literally, kid.

Oops... I totally skipped over the last part. *goes back to cave*

Here, take this. POKÉFAN813 received HM05. HM05 is FLASH! Use it to light your way!

Or, POKEFAN813 uses hm02, and flies away. Ridicule 0, pokefan813 1

Wild chaziard appeared! Pokéfan813 sent out pikachua! Any1 remember the rest?

No. You ruined it. I tried to help his mistake. And you just didn't know when to stop. *princess fit*

kxxjoejoexxk 8

Fml in a nuttshell here guys

Just keep doing what you want OP, the relative importance of their opinions is little to none in the scheme of things.