By kherien - 12/08/2012 17:31 - United States

Today, I realized that if I died tomorrow, the only photos available for my funeral would be crappy family Christmas portraits, acne-filled yearbook photos, and several pictures from my MySpace days, where I'm sporting coontails and looking paler than Edward Cullen's ass. FML
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Well then go out and take awesome pictures of yourself!

alstbv12 13

What's "MySpace"??


Well then go out and take awesome pictures of yourself!

Don't forget to instagram them. Then it's true photography, obviously.

Spare us the duck faces PLEASE!

Yea it's definitely time to get out there and put some pictures of you and your friends doing random shit on Facebook and this time you can control how you look

Psych101 9

9- Also, making the picture black and white immediately makes it artistic.

Just please don't do the duck face.

Plus you can always get some high school portraits that you like edited so there is no acne. That has made my high school pictures so much better.

I feel your pain OP

34-nono, must be sepia!

It was just acne edited out. That was it, I'm sorry for not making that more clear. Taking out acne shows people your real face and not some red bumps a lot of teenages had trouble with like I did. I was self conscience about my acne but seeing my face without it made me more confident in myself back then. I'm a guy by the way, girls wear makeup and you are calling me fake? Get your priorities straight.

I love the wording of this fml

I know me to "whiter than Edward Cullen's ass" made me laugh so hard.

happyday123_321 2

Nicely put! I was thinking the same thing!

alstbv12 13

What's "MySpace"??

It's when someone sits in your spot and you yell, "MySpace!"

It's when someone sits in your spot and you yell, "MySpace!"

I thought it was something from far far away.. . Us 90's kids were some of the last to see it perish in a dark deep black hole in the universe.

pcentral 17

You could probably watch a documentary about it on the History Channel

^win. If only the history channel gave actual history shows still. That's a thing of the past as well

nonnieluv 9

Like MTV playing music

I miss MTV. I now watch 'pop up video' on VH1 whenever I can... It's so fun.

It's this thing.. That's um... My space. It's where I am. I think. There's this other Myspace thing, I think the last time I was on it I fell off of my dinosaur.

75- You failed. Big time.

I miss decent music and life without cellphones. Even social networking sites seem to have more downsides than upsides. Times have changed.

Dude, you're 19. That is a little early to start reminiscing about "the good old days".

75- You tried too hard.

I never even commented on this, I think my little brother got my phone. I know you've heard excuses like this, but he's just insanely annoying. My profile pic is of him too. He changed it >.>

Gosh I feel old!!!

You have no time to waste then! You are never guaranteed tomorrow. Get plenty of great pictures taken of you with everyone you surround yourself with.:)

j5p332 6

That last part could be part of the problem..... Haha

What are you waiting for? Get that camera out!

flutter4 7

That's what I was thinking

YDI for ever having coon tails. and for not having a social life.

Just because she doesn't have many photos of herself doesn't mean she doesn't have a social life. I have plenty of friends that I hang out with, and I hate taking pictures. Not everyone is a self-absorbed asswipe.

AClassActx3 7

So liking to take pictures makes you self absorbed. O.

58-Please don't twist my words, because that isn't what I said. It's okay to like taking pictures, but having a shit-ton of pictures of yourself just for the sake of 'having a social life' IS self-absorbed.

An example would be posting pictures of yourself on Facebook just to impress your friends.

iHeartRKO 5

I agree with manin.. To the people that need to be in every picture that is snapped that is self absorbed.

And bathtub photos. Hopefully not recent ones.

i would usually say duck faces arent attractive but youre pretty cute lol and pringles are da bomb i wish i had some :(

It's homage to the stupidity of duck facing :) thanks

That is a great version of the hated duck face! Op try doing that!

whaaaa? an attractive funny skyrim player hellz yeah ;)

Lol thanks babe.

#8. Why not?

pcentral 17

At least your horrible photos might help to lighten the mood a little at your funeral

CantusVulpis 12

Yeah, they might laugh at how horrible they were...


^ No

S W A G: Something Whiny Assholes Got.

N3766 20

But I am nobody...