By Anonymous - 19/10/2009 07:10 - Indonesia

Today, when I proposed to my girlfriend of 8 years, she said no because she thought we were moving too fast. FML
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Try again at ten, maybe it's her lucky number. >_>


Try again at ten, maybe it's her lucky number. >_>

OP, at least shes still your gf, right?

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omg I know right! Jeez, what was the silly OP thinking. You should at least wait 15 years to propose then wait 5 more to actually get married, duhh.

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This is when people with the ability to detect sarcasm feel pretty smart.

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She's just with you until she finds someone better, unlucky :).

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After eight years maybe you should take the hint and stop wasting your life on her.

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Yeah, when you have invested 8 years of your life in the same relationship, you have practically already proven that you are ready for commitment.

If to her 8 years is to fast, I wonder howmany years is too late?

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It's probably time to move on.

Kinda' depends -- maybe she looks at, say, 7 of those years as friendship rather than relationship? Maybe YDI for not making your intentions clear sooner....

Yup, you're not marrying her :/ I can only imagine how you feel :/