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  Pussycat86  |  18

I once pretended I was pregnant in order to get the Resturant I was at pay special attention to my meal and cook it perfectly cause "my baby is craving it badly" my friends still laugh so hard when they remember how I asked my waiter for his name after the meal and telling him I'm naming the baby (if it was a boy) after him! :D I must say the food was absolutely amazing!

  cmayer  |  20

Except they can't be legally enforced bc pregnancy is not a disability. Expecting mothers don't need that space and if they really do then they should be getting a temporary handicap placard.

  glabberfasted  |  16

I thought they were crazy the first time I saw one too. The one I saw wasn't even in the front, like the handicapped spots. It was in the middle of the parking lot. Makes no sense.