By Not-pregnant - 20/04/2014 17:21 - United States - Melbourne

Today, my dad made me stick my gut out and walk around awkwardly, just so I'd look pregnant and let him get away with parking in an "expectant mothers" parking spot. FML
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Dad wants you to be pregnant? That's a first.

sumbum95 15

Just laugh about it! It'll make a funny story hahaha.


sumbum95 15

Just laugh about it! It'll make a funny story hahaha.

Aha yeah I for sure could imagine this happening to me.

I once pretended I was pregnant in order to get the Resturant I was at pay special attention to my meal and cook it perfectly cause "my baby is craving it badly" my friends still laugh so hard when they remember how I asked my waiter for his name after the meal and telling him I'm naming the baby (if it was a boy) after him! :D I must say the food was absolutely amazing!

Maybe you should get pregnant to show up that sleazy bastard.

marzipanimal 15

Dad wants you to be pregnant? That's a first.

I think your comment is a bit unnecessary.

Most dads are weird, and most comments are unnecessary.

That's actually really funny. You dad sounds pretty cool.

How is it cool to lie to take away a priority spot from pregnant women? It may be empty now but he doesn't know when someone will come in and really need it.

Except they can't be legally enforced bc pregnancy is not a disability. Expecting mothers don't need that space and if they really do then they should be getting a temporary handicap placard.

hey!!!! tell him us preggos need those spots. it feels like my ****** spilts in half with every step I take lol.

I feel like maybe all of FML didn't need to know that

olpally 32

I laughed hard at this comment, lol, that's pretty intense!!! Definitely didn't need to know that though. xD

It splits with every step, but #7, i thought you were "indystructable"?

buttcramp 21

yeah, #7 when I was pregnant I loved those parking spots and would be pissed when I'd see people park in them without being actually pregnant.

Thank you for this; I've always wanted to know how awful being pregnant is! :D

Llama_Face89 33

I feel so uncomfortable. O.i

And the dad of the year award goes to.....(drumroll please)... OP's father.

oddities 20

Well, at least that's a story to tell your grandkids one day. It won't be so bad one day, you'll probably laugh about it.

I thought they were crazy the first time I saw one too. The one I saw wasn't even in the front, like the handicapped spots. It was in the middle of the parking lot. Makes no sense.

Huh. The ones I've seen are in between the handicapped and the senior citizens' spaces