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  elara15  |  0

Thank you, #94.

YDI for ignoring every other color in the spectrum for the sake of something arbitrary like the gender binary. I hope you also didn't spell her name to end in an "i".

  9k5  |  0

They could have looked at the wrong part of his body. Somehow the doctors had ended up telling my mom that my sister was gonna be a boy. She clearly wasn't.

  Gradius  |  0

Yeah, always go with gender-neutral colours, it's common sense.
To be honest I've always found this whole pink-glittery crap very confusing.

Boys want to serve their country in the army, police the streets, fight fire or occasionally to be spideman.
Girls either want to be a magical fairy princess or a occasionally a vet.

I find it sort of ... strange. I don't "get" why people raise their children to be so illusioned about reality.

  forteemily  |  0

94 and 130 you guys are great! that's exactly what I was going to say! and on top of that, what's wrong with your little boy wearing pink? even if you follow the ridiculous idea that all girls love pink, its a bit sickening to think that literally everything you bought is pink.

  americayay  |  0

Okay. How did you not KNOW that doctors can be wrong about that?

And 320, they never guarentee it. They just can't tell well enough, especially without it being 3D. And they always tell you that there's a chance that they are wrong. It's really only their job to tell as much as they can about the baby's health. The sex is a guess and a perk.

  redbluegreen  |  40

I agree with this thread. It's not like babies care about what color or style they're wearing anyway. It's all just for you and other people to look at in reality. And I think everyone should know nobody's certain of gender till the baby is born anyway. I think this goes with, "don't count your chickens before they've hatched."

My room was yellow and green as a kid. I think that now, I appreciate my parents did that. Haha.

  yottskry  |  0

It's not a stereotype. It's been shown that girls are more likely to choose pink than boys regardless of 'pressure' to do so and the speculation among some scientists is that girls are more sensitive to reds and pinks because they need to be more in tune with spotting illness in their offspring which most often characterises itself with red/pink rashes.

So there :p

  Jessaly_fml  |  0

Damn, I didn't know that, that's awesome.

If I had a girl I'd go insane with girly stuff! Pinks, purples, blues, greens, yellows, little dresses, comfy shoes, comfy socks and pajamas and sheets and stuffed shopping is hella fun. But I'm fifteen so I won't have the opportunity for a long long time.

  responses  |  0

I honestly hate all these feminist whining and crying about "gender binary" and how pink shouldn't associate with girls. seriously you have equal rights with men, you remind me of black people crying racist when they don't get hired for a job they applied for. all that is fixed and now everyone is in a way "equal". if you want your new baby girl to wear camo diapers and clothing go right ahead.

  MrBobby_fml  |  7

@381: sorry but that's total bullshit, just look at the actual statistics for pay (for same job) for men and women. Or any other standard measure. It's a lot better than it used to be, but we are not gender fair in this country (England) and worse in many others. Seeing as you mentioned black people- America still has massive inequality for black people... it's pretty shitty.
To make this situation better, we must stay aware of the problem and always keep trying to fix it, so don't spread ignorance please.

  Stunt_fml  |  5

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  oliviahere  |  0

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  Arkajion  |  14

Yellow, by technicality, is not a neutral color. However, it is often deemed a gender-neutral color because it sits in the median of blue and pink.

  anyagrande  |  31

Or maybe don't genderise colours and force your baby to like a certain colour bc its deemed a gender specific colour. Who the fuck cares what colour the baby is wearing its not like pink is a girls only colour jesus christ

By  dreamofme  |  0

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  BLNovelist  |  0

Agreed. Who gives a shit if the clothes and furniture are pink? Be happy you have a healthy, happy baby. If their lives are fucked just because they don't like the concept of a boy wearing pink, then god help them when he gets older.....

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Okay, I agree with what you guys are saying, but he doesn't DESERVE it technically because there's nothing to deserve.

Nothing there for an FML either, it's just pink.
I mean, dunno if you know this man, but your wife is going to dress him up cutesy anyway.

FML is cutely worded though, so maybe you DO know.

  Twinklestar  |  0

God, shut up. The FML is that she brought a lot of baby things that she most probably won't use now because the doctors told her the wrong sex.

Not that she has a boy baby. Not that he is a disappointment.

Get a grip and stfu.

  teamhat  |  0

#70 is right. It's because the two of them bought all this stuff and might not use all of it, therefore wasting money. It's got nothing to do with being ungrateful that the baby is a boy. Besides, normally you'd give a child more boyish colors as he grows up so he doesn't become a girlish guy.

  amiotica  |  2

when you have an ultrasound and you ask to be told what the sex is.. they tell you that its not 100% forsure and you should never plan for that sex just incase. so its kind of the op's fault for not listening to the doctors instructions and picking out gender neutral stuff.

and im pretty sire that you can bring the stuff back to the store and explain and they will take stuff back

  cucuto89  |  0

buy a can of blue spray paint, problem solved.

anyways YDI for assuming that ultra sounds are 100 % correct, also YDI it for buying all gender specific items before the baby even came out

  Yanimouse  |  0

Fun fact, the color pink was considered the manly color in the early 20th century due to its relation with the color red. It wasn't until the 1940s that pink became associated with femininity.

OP: This is not a FML. Your baby isn't going to give a shit about the color of his clothes or toys until he starts exhibiting sex-linked behaviors after a couple of years.

And even then, there's no guarantee that he won't like playing with "girly" toys.

Aren't gender stereotypes fun?


  Twinklestar  |  0

How many of these people saying pink is fine for boys would really dress their baby son in pink dresses or pink, fairy adorned suits?? I very much doubt most of you would, if any.

Is it going to cause long term psychological damage to the kid? No, probably not, although given the results of some past gender experimentation where the children were encouraged from a very young age towards colours and toys generally preferred by the other sex, you can't actually say that with complete certainty.

Is the kid going to say "WTF were you thinking" to you when they're older and looking through their baby photo's and be embarrassed when their future partner see's them? Yes, most likely.

Are you constantly going to be explaining to strangers in the street who compliment your baby daughter that it's actually your baby son? Yes, if you plan on leaving the house.

Are all of you overly judgmental assholes who should get a life before jumping down someone's throat with a "YDI FOR BELIEVING THE DOCTORS AND BEING TOTALLY SEXIST!!"? Without a doubt.

  navygirl8909  |  0

I agree with everything you said. It would suck to be looking at photo albums when your a teen with your partner and your dressed in pink when your a boy or when your dressed in blue as a girl. Also ultrasounds do work sometimes. My cousin had an ultrasound with both of her kids they said the first one was a boy and guess what he was a boy and on her second one they told her she was having a girl and GUESS WHAT1!!! She had a girl. Ultrasounds do work.

  hallietrue  |  0

There is nothing wrong with being in blue as a girl, and as long as theres no flowers or pixies or what not theres nothing wrong with dressing a boy in pink. If the OP was smart, they would have gotten white, yellow, green, or some other colors in there as well. The good news? They could paint the crib (and not with lead based pain to the a$$ who mentioned that.) and as far as clothing goes? go buy a pack of onsies, they are generally white and inexpensive. The clothes you have now will soon be out grown anyway.


girls can wear blue... but some clothing and things like that, that are blue look like they're for boys.

OP i don't see how this is an fml though :/ you should've picked like light browns, yellows, greens... even purple can be unisex. i would've waited till i had the baby to go overboard with the pink.

  ah_haha  |  0

right on Twinklestar - explaining time and time again to EVERYONE (who would assume) that your little bundle of joy in pink is actually a boy, not a girl, would become exhausting... let alone having to deal with the criticism some people would be bound to give once they find that out.
Yes, it's wonderful news that the OP has a healthy baby and I am sure both parents are grateful for that. Is it ironic that they have a house full of "girl" items? Yes. Does that make this a funny FML? yes, and I think that's how it's intended, give the poor new parents a break!


All of you guys who are saying how ungrateful/stupid/terrible these parents are need to put yourselves in their places. They have a very new baby--and new babies are extremely exhausting--with the added stress of returning and exchanging all or most of the stuff they've bought or received for the baby. And frankly, if it happened to me, I would return/exchange the stuff as well--it's not a lot of fun to have to keep explaining that your baby is a boy and not a girl.

Also, for those of you saying that "gender-specific" colors are ridiculous, have you considered that maybe some of the clothes or bibs, etc., say "Daddy's little GIRL" or something?

  n_epic_fail  |  14

I hardly think her point is gratitude. just frustration at spending money on so much pink. she's not writing the fml about the baby being a boy, it's the doctors not being accurate.

  n_epic_fail  |  14

then don't get them until after the child is born. there are plain bibs available. stereotyping is stupid, and being "gender-spasific" causes too much trouble. as shown above

  oogyboogy  |  6

ya some stores have this thing when you buy baby clothes in pink you can exchange them within the next 7 months for a different color

By  Major_General  |  10

That's what happened to my mother when she had me. Of course, Mom also wasn't expecting twins, and found out two weeks before birth. And found out she had a girl and a boy then. Today I wonder if that qualifies for malpractice.

  msw52  |  0

today, maybe.. i dont know how old you are, but its reasonable to think that the doctor wouldnt know if it was back before ultrasounds where used all the time. i'm only 19 and my mom didnt have an ultrasound with me

  xNephilim  |  18

It's happened before, obviously. Sometimes the one of the baby is in front of the other and pretty much hides it. And the heartbeats can be really in tune, too.

By  laleyla  |  0

oh come on, be happy you got a healthy kid, and some of the stuff you can still use, like the stroller, don't be so narrow minded. moreover, who buys only pink stuff also for a girl? that's so lame and ugly.