By Ryuun12 - United States - Morgan Hill
Today, I got a round of applause. Too bad it was from my thighs as I went down the stairs. FML
Ryuun12 tells us more :
Lol. I'm not overweight. I just have meaty thighs. Yet my calves are... veryyy skinny. I do have me some moobs though! Lol. And a bit of a belly. I was trying to be funny not complain about being fat, lol. But its not really that obvious. But you know. Always appreciate these nice comments. (Hint thats sarcasm. Besides the few that were nice.
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  Khaleesi_26  |  30

Why sympathy? I don't want to sound rude but If OP doesn't like his weight, he can always start working out or changing small things in his diet. The first few pounds are hard to loose but after that it gets easier. I could understand if OP had a condition than in that case disregard my comment.

  flutterby789  |  8

my thighs hit together, I like my shape! stop being so presumptious that only size zero is what people desire. id hate to have a miley cyrus-esque thigh gap. curves all the way baby!!

  katachristic  |  19

I like curves too, but OP very heavily implied dissatisfaction with being overweight. She was only saying that when one doesn't like something about oneself, they often make excuses rather than solve their problem.