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  gooBUZZ  |  0

Hmm, this remind me of a How I Met Your Mother episode. But no, it shouldn't happen. When you get a new toothbrush don't you take note of what color it is?

  percawesome  |  0

Actually, 3, it does happen. My dad once used my toothbrush and I didn't know until I'd already started brushing. FML
Now I make sure my toothbrush looks COMPLETELY different from everyone's. *shudder*

  skittle68  |  0

I used to be friends with this girl whose family had a cup of community toothbrushes. Yuck. One time I forgot my toothbrush and she couldn't believe I would rather not brush my teeth than use one of the (old, frazzled, disgusting) toothbrushes in the community cup. ::Shudder::

  miraggg  |  1

it isnt spread through saliva but when you brush your gums can bleed, then same happens to the other three people. this can transmit the disease and is not sanitary at all.