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Today, I found out everyone in my family thought the red toothbrush was theirs, and that all four of us have been using the same toothbrush for months. FML
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At least it wasn't like that FML which the sister masturbated using her brother's toothbrush. Still FYL.

think of it on the bright side. now you all have AIDS


Hmm, this remind me of a How I Met Your Mother episode. But no, it shouldn't happen. When you get a new toothbrush don't you take note of what color it is?

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Actually, 3, it does happen. My dad once used my toothbrush and I didn't know until I'd already started brushing. FML Now I make sure my toothbrush looks COMPLETELY different from everyone's. *shudder*

I agree with #12 mine is completely different!! ewww lol

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I Agree W/ # 3 . 4 Ppl Using The Same Tooth Brush , how Would You Not Notice That ?

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I used to take my brush out of the bathroom and had a cup in my room for it.

Same!!!! I can't stand anyone touching my toothbrush haha:).

No, Fooliieana is right. It CAN a family of morons who are incapable of communication and have no tactile discrimination.

that is why I have a spongebob toothbrush... ;)

It was definitely a How I Met Your Mother episode. I really doubt it actually happened.

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we have all of out toothbrushes in a cup in the bathroom. out of all four, the stinkbug chose my toothbrush to sit on. I was so grossed out..

I've read this FML before. I think this is a copy!

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54 you're right! I forgot about that! Love that show with a passion. Legen... wait for it...

I used to be friends with this girl whose family had a cup of community toothbrushes. Yuck. One time I forgot my toothbrush and she couldn't believe I would rather not brush my teeth than use one of the (old, frazzled, disgusting) toothbrushes in the community cup. ::Shudder::

my dad stuck my toothbrush up hiss ass and put it back in the cup. and I used it 5 mins later. no joke

of course im joking lolikoloolo that would be gross. god guys get your heads out of the guttter

how is it gross you all have the same dna whats it matter

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because they don't put all the same things in their mouth, perhaps?

all their DNA Is different and DNA cannot hurt someone it is the bacteria that they are worried about

Yuck... didn't any of you say what color toothbrush would be yours at the beginning?

think of it on the bright side. now you all have AIDS

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AIDS isn't spread with saliva you arse Although, who's to say what everyone was using the toothbrush for... dot dot dot...

it isnt spread through saliva but when you brush your gums can bleed, then same happens to the other three people. this can transmit the disease and is not sanitary at all.

Just like the family in this FML with no sense of touch, you two have no sense of humour. It was a joke, people.

Yeah aids isnt spread through saliva. But HIV is and HIV can turn into aids, and make a common cold a lethal disease.

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That's what you get for having four red toothbrushes.

At least it wasn't like that FML which the sister masturbated using her brother's toothbrush. Still FYL.

wow for months with that much useage should of noticed earlier