By wdavi022
Today, I found out my identity was stolen. The person got credit cards in my name and didn't pay the bills, which has ruined my near perfect credit. The worst part about all of this is that I can't turn the person in. It's my mom, and sending her to jail wouldn't really work out for anyone. FML
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  ilyrsp3162010  |  0

i actually have the SAME EXACT problem. my mom has been puttin things under my name since i was like 8. its not right. an i am goin to call the credit bereau an straighten things out, if this means gettin my mom in deep trouble, so be it. She pretty much ruined any chance i woulda had to get a credit card, an guess wat now I struggle. not her.

  sourgirl101  |  28

Turning your mom in wont make it any better. Now, you know you cant trust her. Sorry for you.

As far as your credit goes.... dispute the credit report. They have 30 days to trace it back to "you" ( which they won't be able to do since it's not yours) or they have to drop the negative marks. You get two rounds to do this. Get your credit back! I have great credit myself, it's important to keep.(: Good luck!

  KevinTheDead  |  0

depends how much I'd get for my grandmother.
It has nothing to do with love in this case, the mother is a prick who likes taking others money even her own children's for this matter. SEND HER ASS TO JAIL.

  jeremyt8nc  |  6

True. Bank of America offers that. it's call Premier Assist or something like that. whenever my credit has any activity going on or changes they call and email me and I can confirm it or deny it.

By  hooverSP  |  0

yeah that sucks, i was in a similar situation. my dad did the same thing to me to hide debt from my mom. we worked it out tho, and my credit is fine now. just confront her, cancel everything and set up credit report monitoring