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By thafinest - 12/10/2009 23:32 - United States

Today, I received a call from a collection agency. Since I had no clue, I was ready to file a police report for stolen identity. I then called my mom only to find out she has been opening new credit cards with my information for 3 years and not paying them. My credit is ruined and I'm only 21. FML
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wow still call the cops or something i've heard of this happening before to 1 year olds who cant do anything about it thats terrible. your mom is evil!

Bring in the law! You can't just shrug it off because she's family.


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wow still call the cops or something i've heard of this happening before to 1 year olds who cant do anything about it thats terrible. your mom is evil!

SOOO you're gonna file that report for identity theft right?

SUE!!! to hell with whether she's you're mum or not. I love my mum but if she did that to me I'd take her to the courts for sure.

report it. Your credit will still be ******, but it won't get worse. Also, it apparently resets every 7 years.

It DOESN'T reset every 7 years, what kinda dope are you smoking? Also, still file the report, this is still identity theft. Your mum could have effectively ruined any chance of you ever getting a nice car or a mortgage or any other form of loan. If you don't prosecute you've pretty much lost all chance of getting your own house AND you'll have to pay off the debt she's written up.

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You're still going to call the cops, right? You should, because someone DID steal your identity. It just happens to be your mom, who obviously is a worthless deadbeat. If you file a police report, then the credit reporting agencies are legally obliged to clear up your credit. It'll take some time and a lot of crap, but it will work.

I think the guy who said credit resets every seven years is confused. If you declare bankruptcy your debts are cleared, but a note is put on your credit report saying you declared bankruptcy. That note is removed after seven years.

This happens a LOT actually...definitely call the police, get the paperwork started because this will NOT go away on its own. Sadly, most of the time when this happens the children just ignore it and plug on through life with horrible credit. They choose family peace with the sick asshats who did this to them instead of making the parent PAY for what they DID. It is WRONG and a complete violation of the trust we should be able to have in the people who brought us into the world. I promise you #114, it is not bs, and it happens a hell of a lot more than you could possibly believe. OP PLEASE please please go to the police. She should take responsibility for her actions, and if she won't, she should be forced to.

lmfao why would it reset after 7 years? Hey! lets withdraw 500.000 now cuz ya know in 7 years i wont have to pay anyways

Random CAPS is the SOLUTION to life's PROBLEMS!

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sue her. this guy did it to his dad before plus you might get your credit wiped clean :(

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Bankruptcy is on your report 10 years, all other negative information (over your limit, late payments, etc) stays on there for 7. So it doesn't "reset" after 7 yrs but most individual negative info only impacts your report for 7 except bankruptcy which is 10

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That's bull. You better stop her or else you'll have no chance of buying a nice car or house.

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Bring in the law! You can't just shrug it off because she's family.

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your mom is hoping that you will not file charges because she is your mom. She gets all this stuff for free, screws your credit and if you do not file a report, stuck with bad credit and the bills. CHARGE HER ASS.

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yeah, that sucks dick. your mom's an asshole though.

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I can't decide if 138 is really bad at reading, or really bad at sarcasm...

Is 138 retarded or...? He didn't get the credit cards, his mother used his info to get it!

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Omg that's terrible. You have to bring it to the authorities or you are going to be paying off all that money. It sucks that it is your mother but seriously, its you or her and she is the one screwing you over.

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Report her. If you don't then your record will hold you back for 20 years or more.

This isn't a case of simply "suing her ass," he has to report her to the cops before he can do anything

Do you really want this woman in your life? I know she's your mother, but dammit, there are limits. Shop her in, divorce the bitch.

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But, the Op's mother didn't ask for his information for a crisis. I am sure if Op's mother really needed money then he would have been glad to help. But to have your parents ruin your credit and use your identity for something they know they won't pay back is wrong. It doesn't matter what she needed it for, a moral person asks before they do something like that. And THREE YEARS is a long time, especially since Op is only 21 and now his credit is ruined. How is that a caring parent. They could have just asked.

this story has nothing to do with a functional family. yes, in a functional family you help one another, but it's just wrong to help yourself to someone else's identity. even worse, the "help" totally screwed the OP's life up. that's the epitome of dysfunction.

The OP mother has a done a good job raising the OP to at least 21 years (worst could have happen). It sounds like the OP has a single parent and thus her mother most probably had a harder time raising the OP than an average family. In European, Asian, African, South American and Middle Eastern culture you are raised to love and dedicate your life to your family. Strangely this is not done in America! The mother was probably in need of cash and the OP either ignored her plea or chose to ignore it. Unless the OP's mother has a drinking/gambling addiction then I feel sorry for the mother. OP help out your mother and communicate more often so something like this doesn't happen.

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I am sick of your negativity towards Americans. Just because you live a different life style does not mean we are stupid or ignorant or below you. And just because you read some crappy twitter length feed about shitty things does not mean you know us. Sure we don't spend our whole lives living with our relatives in huge houses. But we were raised differently. It is known that interdependent families don't always think about the individual needs to the children. If the child wanted to be say a writer instead of a doctor but the family needed more money then the child would be forced to spend their whole life at the beck and call of "the majority." Here we are not perfect but we also let our children decide more on what they want to do. Op does not have to be blamed because his mother did something that is illegal. No matter if the Op ignored her she might just be unable to manage her money. Also Op could be in college. Here you are not a true adult until 21, when you can drink. While you are legally an adult at 18 a lot of kids still live at home. How can Op help out his mother if he has no money?

Geist, I'm from the middle east but raised in the US. Yes I was raised to believe family is important above all, but I was also raised not to judge people based on their cultures alone. American families are different, not wrong. Believing the way they live is wrong just because it is different from the way you live is justifying it when in America they target you for being different. You can't use the views of one culture to judge another.

As I said before, those continents have some societies where you keep hush hush about the shit that's pulled behind the scenes. You could be horribly raped by your father, but if you were to tell about it, you'd be shunned for speaking openly about sex, and you'd still be expected to have upmost respect and servitude towards your parents. So, you can't always assume they're doing it right, it can easily be a complete farce, a mask put on to look good in front of company.

I am just saying the OP should dedicate his/her part to the family which he/she obviously didn't because his mom is stealing his information. A guy with a job or no job or wahtever... family should be priority and I'm sure this applies to everyone and you don't need to be a doctor as you mention to support your family. Her mother needs help and all the responses are either suing her mom or press charges. YUCK! I would talk to her about whats going on! After all... she is my mother right?

But you don't know she needs help. You're making assumptions that support only what you're saying. You could be completely wrong. The mother could be making more than enough money to support her family, but maybe she just wants to buy expensive clothing or accessories and sees no reason to abuse her child's credit. Also, how is it obvious that the OP didn't do his part? Maybe he has a job to help pay bills, but again the mom just wants more out of greed. Don't make ludicrous assumptions and call them truth when you have no clue what is actually going on.

Ever thought the mom might be a chronic gambler, or buyer? If she keeps opening credit card accounts, it seems to me she definitely just doesn't know when to quit. Especially since she's been doing this for /three years/. He has no way to help the family if she is after money and he can't provide it. What do you expect him to do? If she is having money problems and won't talk to anyone about it, or seek actual help rather than burying her son, then she deserves her money problems. It is completely unacceptable to steal money, which is what she is doing. Yes, even from your child, in fact that's even more horrifying. It's called identity theft for a reason, and it's illegal under all circumstances. There is absolutely no excuse for completely ruining your child's financial life, problems or not. You want them in the same situation as you?

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He DID talk to his mother. He said he called her to figure out what was going on. She told him about it. If she told him she took the information and a reason why (not just to get her toesies painted) do you think he would be on here? No. He would be out there trying to fix it and the FML would be different. It would include that important piece of information. Also yeah its his mother, but isn't HE HER SON. You act like it is only the parents that deserve respect. The son, in America, is college age. He would have to pay off huge loans or get them. With his credit in the shitter how can he make money to HELP HIS FAMILY. He would barely be making enough to pay for school. Also what about the other family members? If the mother was legitimately in need she would have asked. You said the Op should have talked to her, well did she open a dialogue with him? Maybe he couldn't pay it. He might have kids, or a wife. Maybe his wife is sick. Maybe he has a dragon from another world that came to him and told him he is now Jesus and as such he needs to give all his money to charity and live in a box in Brooklyn. Now having his reputation ruined like that won't help him or the dragon. See how stupid that sounded. That's how you sound Geist.

This has been completely taken out of context because of peoples ludicrous assumptions and comparing what she done to another society/culture. She is a part of the AMERICAN culture where it is illegal and immoral to do such a thing. If you went to America you would be treated the same way. The judgment passed upon your actions depends on the perceptions of those around you, and to dislike theft is virtually universal. In reality there is only theft as a crime, to kill you steal someones life, to defame someone you steal their respect and so on. She stole for three years from her son, ignoring the fact that she is the OP's mother she would be universally considered immoral would she not? Shouldnt one treat their own family better then others? This is a true FML.

Again, a Moron and hating Americans crap because s/he has nothing better to do but to find reasons to hate this country.

I am not American and I would sue my mother's ass if she did that. And now, dear Geist, shut your pie hole.

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Breaking the law is not okay in any culture that I know of. Saying it's okay for her to ruin her son's life because she's his mother is absolutely ludicrous. If anything she's the one who cares only about herself and not her family.

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Do you really think the mother asked her 18/19 year old son if she can steal his identity? I doubt that. My mother is a single woman with 6 girls, with me being the oldest, she uses my name for things. Hell no she didn't ask. Don't pull the American thing out on the OP, pull that card out on the MOTHER. She is the one not paying things off thus adding to the ****** up economy. I'd say that's more American than not letting your mother steal your identity.

Hey Geist, I am Scottish, and lived in Britain all my life, but your comments on America are completely ignorant. Not only the fact are you stereotyping the American's but you think that more Eastern countries are completely and utterly courteous? I think you'll find a large knife crime in London, chavs on every street in Cambridge, drunks everywhere in Edinburgh—Britain is not perfect. Not everyone is brought up correctly, not everyone is taught to be compassionate and thoughtful—the same in America, but you cannot blindly state everyone American is. To be quite frank, your own arrogance and attempts at downgrading America completely contradicts what you say about people being brought up to be compassionate and caring citizens. Now to end my rant about your rather racist remarks I will move onto the FML side: surely if we were all compassionate and caring beings the mother would not be stealing their son's identity? Wherever you come from identity theft is a crime—a good analogy of what you are saying—would be that a man walks into a shop with a pistol drawn, a full magazine and demands money (mother being the criminal, son being the cashier), now at 18 the cashier is not going to hand over his wage, because that would completely screw him financially (his wage/cash in the till being what is in son's bank), so the criminal shoots the cashier (mother stealing son's identity—the violation of the law) and you say 'IT'S OKAY! Just because the cashier didn't give the criminal what he wanted, he was allowed to be killed. (he was allowed to have is identity stolen.) Now that is absolutely ridiculous. A caring mother, one of the perfect mothers that you describe could need money, but she should not demand it from her son whom is entering the adult world. He probably has to pay for a girlfriend, a flat, maybe a car, (the cashier needs to pay for all these things, so he does not blankly hand over the money), so suddenly the mother is allowed to **** his financial state? Allowed to pretend to be someone else? Allowed to end possibility of a good future for her growing son? That is such a preposterous proposal it makes me laugh. This son was growing up, trying to live himself—and he needs to do things for himself—ditto actions the mother took a long time ago, he cannot stay at home, help his mother everyday—this would stop him doing what he should do. This gives no right for a robber to shoot a cashier, or a mother to steal an identity. It is an absolutely disgraceful act that should be frowned upon wholeheartedly. Just to point out this man is 21, an adult now, he is looking after himself, and if that starts at 21 surely his mother should ditto him? He is pretty screwed now, and you're in defence of the mother? Bah! Foolish.

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I like your style, good point. And though it was long it was interesting and well thought out. I liked it. Brits defending Americans! End of the world! LOL

Do you have any idea what you're saying? I agree with all the people who replied to your comment. And what's with this American crap? For one, for anyone who looks at it this way, YOUR FROM CANADA! How can you esspecially talk about how it's just Americans who don't support their family? DO you not understand? You keep talking about that if it's the american stereo type that children don't care about their parents, yet it's oh so legal for your parent to take what belongs to you and ruin your life when your still young? And really, you live in Canada. Is it any different, AT ALL, ANYWHERE, to have the choice to respect and love your parents when they DESERVE it? This woman doesn't deserve it after breaking the law towards her son. You can't support your family financially when you don't got a great job since your not legal to. Besides, what do you OWE to a criminal? If it was a parent, who need the help, then you would help them. But what you need to understand, is this had been going on for 3 years, BEFORE he was a legal adult. That's not just stealing identity, which is a criminal offence, but think about the fact that she knew what was happening, she didn't care for 3 years, only until the son that she's been stealing from has the right to sue her? And can you comprehend the fact that FML's don't happen on the exact same date as they were posted. This could have happened such a long time ago that the man could still be in trouble, or it was right now that he is sueing here. Many families have criminal's in their lives. Some may love them, some may loathe them. But how many were offences towards themselves? It's his mother that he has a right to hate and throw in jail or love and forgive. How would you act if this happened to you? Other users have had this happen to them. This is really an FML.

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Thank you. My brother did something similar towards my step-brother. Seth (my brother) looks oddly like Jesse and stole his license and his car for a "night out". Harmless, right? Well Seth hit someone's car, a BMW something, and did a lot of damage. He ran away from the crime scene, was I.D.'s by the woman who was too busy trying to stop her eight year old son from crying. Jesse got the blame because the woman "recognized" him. It wasn't until Seth told me that we were able to identify him. I had to turn my brother in because he was using someone elses id and was not going to pay the 20,000 in damages. It sucks but it is the right thing to do. You don't screw someone over, especially family.

ye, I know how you guys live(middle east) and you grow up with different culture and norms, expectations. you mostly still live with your family or the house next to, in some small village were overcomes close. where I come from it's different. children are expected to grow up and develop themselves, go through lifes challenges and find their own way.

Yes, 8, I'm sure there's a perfectly legitimate reason for ruining your son's credit without her knowing. And it's totally just an American thing to want to sue. Idiot.

Geist, are you ******* stupid or what?! What she did is illegal and immoral and in no way okay!

You make the rest of us Canadians look bad. I get you should help family, I was raised the same way, but this is stealing, not helping out a parent.

I'm Australian and I agree with the law suit. I had an ex who's mother took out a massive loan and forged his signature on it and he lost his house, boat and car because of her..... The loan was for a five star holiday and Chanel hand bags

Sorry #8 but there's no excuse for this. If the mother needed money that badly she could have asked, not opened credit cards under her child's name without their consent. This is still considered identity theft and is HIGHLY illegal

I fail to see why you didn't call the cops to report a stolen identity to them...No mother that'd ruin her sons life deserves to be protected.

OP didn't say they didn't. Also, Anti-Flood Protection can go to hell.

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This IS a case of stolen identity. It's no different just because she's your mother.

IndigoKitty 3

FYL. and sue her. seriously, why do the majority of humans have this "but they're family!" bullshit? even a slug can breed. forgiveness is for the weak.

Forgiveness is not for the weak. Just because you forgive someone does not mean that you exempt them from the consequences. Should there be forgiveness? Yes. Right this instant? No, there will be a lot to work through, like trust issues. Should forgiving mean that she is completely exempt from any and all consequences of her behavior? No. She obviously has not learned a very clear definition of right from wrong throughout her previous years and she needs to be corrected.

#13 - how is "forgiveness for the weak"? don't be a moron. and the OP should definately press charges, but forgive your mum she brought you up so she'd forgive you for doing so and "suing her ass" would make the OP into en evil heartless bastard anything he/she does do is going to destroy them dont make splitting up your family sound so flippant guys

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Fatboyy I read your comments and just wonder what you were taught as a child. I understand not to be flippant when talking about breaking up a family but how does Op have a good family right now. This will either break the sucky family his mother has already created or make them stronger. You can't break up a true family, loving someone does not mean letting them take something that is rightfully your's and destroying your life. So stop being such a prig, Op has to report her or else he will be in trouble for something he didn't do. This isn't like siblings, where one smokes and the other lies about it. This is the law. Op has a responsibility as a citizen of America to report this. This is illegal and screws him over if he does not. They will most likely help out the mother if she has a condition. But also as a mother she needs to be an example for her children and take responsibility for her actions.

RubixMonkey - i was taught to care for my family and other people i was taught to have opinions, and to stick by them and ultimately i was taught to have a life other than starting on people through comments on a ******* website. why dont you steal a credit card - you might actually have some thrill in your life outside of FML. get a life and stop arguing with me.

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I don't want your credit card. I am also allowed to start fights, state opinions and whatever I want until a moderator cuts me off. If you don't like people arguing with you then get off the site.