By dannij08 - 27/01/2009 16:47 - United States

Today, I hid my credit card from myself so I wouldn't use it. Now I can't find it. FML
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isn't that the point?

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Today I ate a tub of lard to help me gain weight. Now I'm fat. FML. You're an idiot, dude.


isn't that the point?

I was just thinking that.

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Mission accomplished ! (;

Yeah, i thought that was the idea.

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haha i think u achieved ur goal there :P

which is exactly why you hid it, way to go :)

My friend cut his credit card so he wouldnt use it. Then when he was returning a watch they wouldnt let him, because he didnt have his credit card :)

How the hell do you hide something from yourself? Get completely wasted?

How the hell can you hide something from yourself? wont you know where it is?

aha, cancel it then get a new one...give it to a relative to hold onto for you next time.

Cancel it and get a new one. I've done this one before also. Found it a few months later.