By Anonymous - 12/01/2010 07:18 - United States

Today, I learned I have a severe sinus infection, my body really can't handle antibiotics, and I can projectile vomit out my nose. Not sure if I am more impressed that I still somehow aimed the puke into the sink, or that swallowing afterwards hurt more than emptying my stomach via my nose. FML
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This FML was just a great way to start off my morning. Nice nose-barfing skills.


Thanks for the mental image, OP. But seriously, FYL. Hope you get better soon.

too true, #36. THATS real pleasant imagery there. i feel sick. at least if i barf it wont be outta my nose though.. fyl OP and get better soon!!!!!!

There's this thing called a 'doctor'...they're usually good with stuff like that..

Oh man... that sucks! I can not imagin a worse fate!

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that's a discusting image in my head

call up Xavier and see if he'll let you in his school

suuucks for you. kudos on aiming in the sink though.