By Anonymous - 25/10/2010 16:24 - United States

Today, I found out that my 43 year-old wife has been having a cyber relationship with a 14 year-old kid on Halo. FML
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anti_average 5

You're letting your wife get teabagged, headshotted, and beat down virtually by a 14 year old?! :O

FFML_314 11

Your wife has some seriously disturbing issues.


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pimplayer 0

I think that's me. Blonde, big boobs? lol

That's pathetic. It's more lame than an online dating website.

benny2465 0

man I can Finally say this "dump the bitch"

KingDingALing 9

#57 is right...I'm really shocked that someone would actually do that... Have sex with her sister.

buttsexchampion 0

YDI for letting a 14 year old kid on halo satisfy your wife more than you do

stephanie0613 0

That's gross, tell your wife to grow the **** up and stop being a cougar. FYL Op, for marrying a moron.

Well actually, the OP's wife got e-married yesterday..

GoatNuts 0

I bet he t-bagged your wife OP..

A cougar? Are you serious? If it was a male you'd call him a pedophile.

baybiigirl 0

thats straight up fcked up. maybe u need to pay more attention to her dumb ass

anti_average 5

You're letting your wife get teabagged, headshotted, and beat down virtually by a 14 year old?! :O

I think he needs to just do her more like seriously.

TrustMeImaDR 0

maybe he should start doing all of that in bed?

sarcdude 3
FFML_314 11

Your wife has some seriously disturbing issues.

she does and its the husband fault too cuz if he payed more attention to her than she wouldn't be playing halo to begin with

47 - so, paying attention to your girl makes her give up all her hobbies?

No kidding :P that's seriously disturbing I mean we already have enough sick people in the world, and we certainly don't need anymore.

Agreed, Anna. I'm also pretty disturbed by the blatant sexism in some of these comments. I get that people are joking, but can't help feeling like there'd be much more outrage if this was a wife FMLing about her husband and an underaged girl. =

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I agree, screw halo, probably the most overhyped game ever. Also why do I suspect that the op is blowing it out of proportion? oh right, probably because he is.

Epic_Phale615 0

OMFG it's FML not comic-con, stop arguing like a bunch of 5 year old geeks. Wait I forgot your mommy's want you to act your age.

sarcdude 3

Halo 2 was better but Halo 1 only had impressive combat, the areas and enemies were repetitive.

perdix 29

Have they exchanged pictures of their genitals yet? Maybe the kid has a bigger dick than you.

anti_average 5

At the very least his e-penis is larger. :D

Fortuitous 0

"Oh! Master Chief, I love it when you Needler me with your Plasma Rifle."

anti_average 5

penetration - bomb armed ****** - bomb planted GAME OVER :3

Fortuitous 0

Well played, anti_average, well played. It seems victory is out of reach. :P

Hayman68 4

ah reach, i see what you did there

needler and plasma rifle are 2 different weapons, dumbass

Fortuitous 0

#80, you should go and Google the word 'joke.'

Dumbass... You cant "needler" someone with a plasma rifle. You "needler" someone with a needler. Its called that for a reason. A plasma rifle rapidly shoots balls of burning hot plasma. Not homing, explosive chrystals. Being the halo fan/nerd that i am i couldnt leave that coment un-corrected