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Agreed, Anna. I'm also pretty disturbed by the blatant sexism in some of these comments. I get that people are joking, but can't help feeling like there'd be much more outrage if this was a wife FMLing about her husband and an underaged girl. =

  ElloGuvner  |  0

I agree, screw halo, probably the most overhyped game ever. Also why do I suspect that the op is blowing it out of proportion? oh right, probably because he is.

  pheonix_flash  |  7

Dumbass... You cant "needler" someone with a plasma rifle. You "needler" someone with a needler. Its called that for a reason. A plasma rifle rapidly shoots balls of burning hot plasma. Not homing, explosive chrystals. Being the halo fan/nerd that i am i couldnt leave that coment un-corrected