By sockmonkey - 01/05/2012 02:21 - United States - Corona

Today, my parents decided on my punishment for failing an English test. No deodorant for a week. They think they're so hilarious, they told all their friends and now it's all over Facebook. FML
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daisyismydog 3

You can just take a bunch of showers or buy your own deoderant. Problem diverted.

Well isn't it nice when parents act like immature teens. FYL OP!


TarieBoo 2

buy dove perfume

Dove is the shit. I barely need any to smell amazing.

I used to sweat a lot until I took a dove to the armpit.

Real men heat a metal spoon red-hot over a fire and use it to fuse their underarms into one poreless, solid piece. Wait, actually real men just let themselves stink.

OP is a woman though..

35- The thought of that made me cringe.I guess I'm not a real man... Or cat for that matter.

Or she could just buy dove deodorant, wipe it off before coming home if necessary.

aruam365 24

She could be too young to drive, so it would be difficult to buy it on her own.

107 - Unless OP lives in the middle of nowhere, she could walk.


Or she could borrow some from a friend? She obviously goes to school do she would see them every day and could wipe it off before she got home?

111- what, you think everyone lives within walking distance from everything? The nearest pharmacy to my house would take me 3 hours to walk there.

No, I don't think that, 157. Hence why I said "Unless OP lives in the middle of nowhere".

Well isn't it nice when parents act like immature teens. FYL OP!

Since they are acting so immature, rub your sweaty armpits in their faces OP! That will solve the problem of them taking your deodorant away and make them shut up

I think it is the most creative punishment I've ever heard. Not only that, i bet it works better than the typical: no outside, no tv, no cell phone, no computer, no xbox.

It's more of a punishment for anyone who has to interact with OP

153 the parents are taking one for the team.

As punishment to the parents she should not shower for that week, and every day wipe their pillows into her arm pits lol

Timbo05 4

Try studying

thiscrazything 1

Yes, study, and then go buy some deodorant. Dare you??

No deodorant in your gym locker?

Try getting parents that arent complete **** heads, and study, English is easier than a lot of other subjects

daisyismydog 3

You can just take a bunch of showers or buy your own deoderant. Problem diverted.

daisyismydog 3


daisyismydog 3

I corrected myself haha

YourLocalPeado? That's a ****** up name

Alexisthebestest 16

They sell deodorant at the dollar tree...for a dollar.

Buy your own deodorant, screw that

let's all hope you don't live in like Cali or something. But if you have a shower in the morning use lots of soap and live in a not too hot place you should do fine

It rained all up and down "Cali" today.

It clearly says California at the top..

"And live in a not too hot place"? Yeah, that's real simple. NOT!

i live in california and theres no rain.,,,

i live in California and it rained.

LO388 7

I don't live in california and it rained.

6- It's amazing how much fail you could throw in one message. OP lives in Cali (clearly stated) and OP, unlike u I hope, is not an idiot to change locations for a freakin deodorant!

What a quirky couple they must be haha o_O

Go get some deodorant and hide it. Or if you're broke, tell one of your friends to get you some and let them bring it to you at school.

senor_awesome 14

And now, thanks to you, its all over FML. Congrats!

Just shower six times a day that'll learn them

You need to work on your english too.