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Today, my girlfriend tearfully complained that I was smothering her to death with my clinginess, and that I should learn to respect her boundaries. This is after she complained I wasn't giving her enough attention. FML
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Damned if you do, damned if you don't...


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no don't ever punch a girl! you would go to jail!

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get ride of the *****, problem solved

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Why does everybody say this? If a man punched a woman he would be charged with assault and the same thing the other way around. It's not just if a guy hits a girl. If I was just walking around and a random girl came up and punched me in the face and a police officer saw it she would be charged that same as a man would be


she made a bad decision being attractive on fml

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haha my bad ;) I think I learned my lesson

I wouldn't run, I'd just return the favor and see how she likes it haha

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You guys are ******* pathetic. LOL.

wow are you guys actually trying to "pick up" a girl via FML? leave the poor girl alone!

dang 75 I've got a gf but u make me want another one lol I won't tell

*in sing-sing voice* ohhh just look at allll the creeepppy peopleeeee... trying to get a girl on FML... *duh duh duh* they are sooo damn creepy.... hell, I bet 75 iss freaked out... damn just look at allll the lonely creeperrrrsss.. *clears throat* yeah, I expect to win a Grammy at some point in my career.

129 - Her really beautiful what? I think you forgot to finish your sentence.

damn look at 169 he's a ******* studdddd haha and ok I don't have a gf anymore

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haha If I wanted to hit on a ugly bitch I'll hit u up u cum guzzling thunder ****

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179- your song... (sniffle).... it was AMAZING!!!! (claps) bravo!!!! TT^TT

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Damned if you do, damned if you don't...

just do what you originally did right before you started dating. whatever the case it probably can't hurt because that's initially who she wanted to be with.

53- How isn't your pic taken away? Seriously of that's you then damn, that's wack.

cheat on her with her best friend then dump her

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well maybe after she told you that you weren't giving her enough attention, you were trying too hard and being too clingy so she had to tell you to knock it off. maybe :)

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YDI for believing your girl, or any girl for that matter, actually knew what she wanted.

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Maybe he was CONSTANTLY paying attention to her after he heard that.

Maybe she was wanted more attention from you and when you finally gave it she has someone else and is now trying to push you away. Maybe.


clinginess is more when you are constantly around her, but by attention she probably wants you to ask her how she is feeling, offer her a favourite meal, or allow her a few hours alone time

okay, I'm a female, but honestly, chicks are dramatic and annoying sometimes. I honestly feel bad for OP, and any other guy with a chick like this.

Could it be that time of the month? Women have been known to have raging hormonal swings.

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Catch-22. Good book I hear.

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Is no one going to even mention the All Time Low song?

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Well, nobody likes a clinger....NOBODY.

I like clingy.. it's not too bad actually. as long as they don't become super jealous or anything :)

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I don't mean like hug-clinging. I mean jealous-alwayswanttoknowwhereyourat-donttalktohim/her bullshit.

that kind of clingy is pretty gay.. yeah FYI op - and the people are right. chicks have no idea what they want.. I mean I don't even know what I want sometimes but I'm not gonna be a bitch about it either

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I am a chick and I know exactly what I want when I see it

Maybe she wanted more attention, then when OP gave it to her, she realized that she didn't want HIS attention. Just a thought. in that case, same thing: get out while you can.

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wow, so you go from one extreme to the next... lol, maybe she was just looking for an excuse to complain/break up. you should run though, she sounds like she doesn't know what she wants...

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respect her personal space that she wants you to have XD