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Today, I woke up to find a tick stuck to my eyelashes. The only way I know of to get it off is with fire. FML
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Fire is how you kill them. You can get them off with tweezers. Just make sure you don't leave ANY part of the tick inside of your skin or on your eyelash or whatever.


Omg wow, a true FML. I would've had a panic attack or something :/

Lucky for OP I find burnt eyelashes a huge turn-on

they're bugs. just be careful in wooded areas.

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ooh, that sucks, can't you use water to wash it out?

That's pretty cool you have blood in your eyelashes.

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it's funny because you have to use fire to get a tick off your eyelid. I bet the fire made your eye nice and moist.

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I think you can use alcohol too..

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Stuck to your eyelash or eye lid? If it's eye lash, no biggy, it's a friggin eye lash. Eye lid... Might be a little harder, but meh. Don't be a pussy.

YDI because I accidently clicked it sorry OP

Did you mean, "When all else fails, use fire"? Still, No.

@34 - So what? Getting the tick drunk? It'll be a party!

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try covering it with thick Vaseline it will suffocate and burrow out on it's own

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nooo!!! you NEVER use fire, or put ANYTHING on it!!! that causes the tick to BURROW DEEPER until he can't get out! then he dies! when arachnids die, they throw up their guts... and their eggs! then you have tick babies in you! crawling around! get tweezers and pull it out by the head.

many idiots on this site. the ONLY way u get rid of a tick is tweezers, and make sure u get the head out. never use fire, vaseline, alcohol, peroxide etc... cuz that causes the tick to puke, and if they carry a disease, that puke will transmit the disease to you

#76 I used peanut butter (instead of Vaseline) so that it couldn't breathe, and then when it started to come out, pulled it all the way out with tweezers. It worked, and I obtained no diseases...

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listen to 76. the other things are old wives tales. tweezers man. and if the head stays in oh effing well. you'll live.

Ticks don't stick to eyelashes. They bite into skin. But even if it was latched on to your eyelid, put a thick glob of Vaseline on the stick to suffocate it.

While rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover works (you want to suffocate it so it leaves on it's own), you don't want those in your eye. I would use Vaseline. The effect is the same, but the thicker material is harder to get IN your eye. The more you know...

82 - My doctor gave the "wives' tales" techniques. If it's buried in well, tweezers run the risk of breaking off the head, leaving the head stuck and making a trip to the doc necessary.

put some dish soap on a cotton ball and put it on the tick...not only does it suffocate em but they also stick to the cotton ball. FYL. that does suck

watch you pull it out and theres a hole where it was....

the hot match head idea was good although I always heard you use a cigarette close to it's butt to scare it out not actual fire. I like the peanut butter and vasoline ideas tho. never heard that. tweezers are bad cause you can break it off inside and eww!!! but the last guy had the right idea. GOOGLE it!! or better yet call one of those medical help line numbers in the front of the phone book. for those of you who don't know what a phone book is, I'm sure you can find the number on the Googles.

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uhm EWWWW that is gross and besides I thought you could pull it out as long as u got the head?!?

it's funny because u have to burn ur eyelashes jkjj

pull of your eyelashes that the tick is on???

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I've always just pulled ticks out by hand and never had any issues... for your eyelid though I'd try nicotine or thc to get it to relax and let go of you =)

never use fire on ticks, all they will do is vomit all yr digested blood and cause a serious infection, always use tweezers

you must use peanut butter to get it off your skin and fire to kill it. trying anything else to get it off your face would result in the tick's head to remain in your skin.

oh no cuz, that'll kill it for sure, but u wanna pull it out with tweezers first, then put a fire to it, sounds painful

I had heard though that as ticks will only burrow into warm bodies, icing the area would cause it to back out on it’s own. This, of course, may just be yet another old wive’s tale.

pull it off dumbass then flush it down the toilet. my grandma takes them off with tape

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no light a cigeret and put the tip on the tick easy

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ewwww! that's ****** nastyy! I agree britney.. I would scream my ass off and pass out haha

Only if you spread it on your butt cheeks first

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wow trolls4dalulz, you take such good pictures!!! And yeah OP, no biggie if it's eyelashes, just cut that sucker off & go on your merry way. @ least you got it off, & are living enough to write this so... yeah...

Lol Trollz. Did I educate you on that one, or were you already well-informed (and by that I mean you read the wiki entry)? ;)

I learned about Ur and its ziggurat back when I was a child, when the interweb was only for the DOD and major research universities, and windows was only a way to view the outside of your building. No wiki for my edumacayshun.

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Only if you use fire first. Fire is always the answer

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Fire is how you kill them. You can get them off with tweezers. Just make sure you don't leave ANY part of the tick inside of your skin or on your eyelash or whatever.

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yeah get it out with tweezers, but make sure no part is left

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i had a tick in my eyelid before.

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Really? lol Is this a common problem I'm just unaware of?

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YDI for having eyes and eyelashes. YDI for living in a dirt heap or a pile of tall grass. Trolling aside, put some Vaseline all over its body. It will suffocate and die and fall off in a few hours. DO NOT use fire; it will puke its guts back into your bloodstream, increasing your chances of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever or Lyme Disease or other horrible nastiness.

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if that's really true then damn you really know your stuff

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Aw, I can't see the original comment. I'm so curious about what's really true!