By amused - 23/06/2014 21:26 - Canada - Toronto

Today, I looked at my bank balance. It read $1.23. That's higher than it usually is. FML
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Every bit counts! Especially in this economy...


Every bit counts! Especially in this economy...

Economy is great! Don't know what you're talking about.

This post reminds me to appreciate everything I'm fortunate enough to have. Hang in there OP, I wish there was a way I could help you

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-2.9% GDP.. lowest sincr 2008 recession in the United States, and believe me, those numbers affect the world economies as well.. Fortunately, private industry wont pay heed to Federal Oversight that hinders business, theyll just relocate.. thus the imvisible hamd of prosperity will continue, regardless of government influence..

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Reminds me of my bank account. Time are tough, :(

almost enough for a junior chicken :)

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Not even enough for a Mcchicken...

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Where I live, prices went up ages ago...

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lol not in Canada.. they're 1.50 here

Here in Norway they cost around 8$ :(

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8 USD or Norwegian currency? Not sure I would pay $8 for a chicken sandwich at McD

Money management needs to be a priority in your life; you can't live without backup money to fall on invade of emergency, brah.

You had me until "brah". Seriously, people are still saying that?

Last i heard a Bra was an inanimate object that held womens breasts. But, maybe im just not hipster enough to know the difference.

Regardless of budgeting some people (myself included) have to live paycheck to paycheck because of their crappy jobs. No amount of budgeting is going to make my rent any cheaper or my paycheck any higher. Its five days until payday and I've got 32 cents to my name, and nothing could have changed that.

Why assume that OP doesn't manage their money? For all you know they paid all of their bills and had that left afterwards....

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This isn't poor money management. This is living paycheck to paycheck on a crap job that pays for shit. This is my weekly life thanks to bills every check and only getting paid twice a month....

#35, in my mind I read that in a Ned Flanders voice.

Ur richer than me and most the Americans in debt. do something obama...

One does not simply do something Obama.

Hasn't Obama bailed you out from his own pocket yet? He did for me.

#5. You're. How about you help yourself first?

It shouldn't be up to the government to help every person who's having hard times. It's not exactly like the US has extra money to spare

Obama can't help this guy... he is Canadian

Why is everything always blamed on the government? God people are lazy.

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Just to be fair our money has no value. Just what the government tells us. Thank you fiat system.

Hey, look at the bright side. Enough for a Mcchicken!

That's 60p in the UK, wow a double cheeseburger here is about £1.69 ($2.88)

Just saying you can't get anything for 60p

It can't be all bad then. You've got more than enough for an Arizona iced tea. Can never go wrong with those. Unless you're in a hoodie.

You can never go wrong with a pack of Skittles either.

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Clearly times are tough ! I wish I could do something for u mate.

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Man being broke really bites; you get excited about finding a dollar, even fifty cents is like a 50% increase in your wealth. You turn out all your pockets and start looking for those coins of loose change at the back of drawers and in couch seats. Been there brother, stay strong.