By CASH_NoMOMEY - 07/05/2015 05:12 - United States - Windsor

Today, my main source of income is finding money on the ground. FML
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I'd say keep your head up. But I dont want you to miss your next payday.

Print out resumes and go around shops handing them out!


Print out resumes and go around shops handing them out!

Yet you are using a smartphone/iPad/computer to post this....priorities, priorities.

JustinJK 21

I wasn't aware that because someone is cash broke one day, that completely negates them from luxuries in their life.

If you're looking for money in the streets, clearly your net worth is low, zero or you actually owe money. This isn't exactly the best time to indulge in life's luxuries. You need to get back on your feet first.

Could be using a library computer, or their parents computer if they're young. Either way, if you're out of work selling a device that allows you to look and be contacted for jobs isn't exactly the brightest option.

My workplace is always hiring and it often gets to the point where they will literally hire anybody who applies... And that's how I got a job and worked my way up to being a manager in 7 months.

Internet or smartphone is not a luxury my friend! when will you understand?

I have a feeling #37 that they have parents who help pay for it - or are using a computer to post it on the website. This is actually a website, not just an app. The website came before the app.

JayVicious 20

most places these days, the only way you can even fill an app out or find out if they are hiring is on the internet it would make it harder to find work without this "luxury" also OP might be using a public computer or friends/family's device etc.

It's not fair to condemn someone who is broke because they have a smartphone. A couple years back I was collecting my change for ramen or skipping meals altogether to pay the bills. And I had an iPhone. Why? Because it was purchased while I was financially secure. Why didn't I sell it to make money? Because I was taking public transportation for one job and it allowed me to track arrival times. It also allowed me to check and respond to emails from both my jobs which was imperative to my productivity and income. And don't even start with computers. A computer is 100% necessary for job hunting, as very few establishments accept paper applications these days. Transportation to and from a library to use their computers is wasting time that could have been spent filling out one more job application that day. How about we all stop to think about the necessities and time required to find a job and keep a job these days rather than viewing useful tools as "luxuries".

youre an idiot. someone who is actually poor would sell their device to feed themselves. you can only go a week without food. if they were really desperate. no matter how important internet or phones are now a days they are STILL A LUXURY. real homeless, broke people have NOTHING at all.

The Internet is a great place to search for jobs, my friend.

Redoxx_fml 22

Or you can become a Bounty Hunter and hunt down purple haired felons names Natalie

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Don't put that on your resume.

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Try looking for job openings in newspapers or on the web, and apply for employment at nearby restaurants or grocery stores or something. You can make it OP good luck

i'm sure that OP can work at w/e fastfood chain, i mean they hire anybody, right? gotta start with sth, better than literally looking for money around :D

Uh actually the economy is so bad that even fast food chains are picky.

Sadly #42 is right. They are very picky.

Newspapers can be handy for looking for jobs

Where I live you can get newspaper with the classified for free, not to mention a bunch of cafes etc have newspapers you can look at for free

I'd say keep your head up. But I dont want you to miss your next payday.

AlaskanChild 10

Unless someone gets to all the money on the ground before him

1dvs_bstd 41

loll.. never laughed so hard at a joke.

Don't forget to check the couch cushions! You know how much treasure those hide!

Try selling your blood...or other bodily fluids...

I hope you're asking op to do a blood bank donation, but afaik you don't get paid for that. Maybe patients that need a kidney or something might.

Then he'll have to resort to the other bodily fluids. Something women crave... That's right, butt sweat.

#21 in Germany you actually get money for donating blood, plasma and/or platelets. Since so few people do it, most hospitals etc give you at least a 10€ voucher (for plasma) up to 75€ for platelets.

you do get money fir donating plasma... not much