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Today, I finally worked up the courage to tell my girlfriend we should start seeing other people. She said, "Don't worry, I'm already way ahead of you." FML
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She could have been lying just to get the upper hand in the situation. You pretty much just broke up with her, she doesn't want to look like she's affected by it. Or maybe she's a cheating bitch, I don't know.

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1 what are you talking about OP was faithful, just his girlfriend wasn't.

I think that's her point. She's saying op should have broke up with her ages ago.

^ the way her comment is worded, it makes it sound like she is accusing op of being unfaithful. It's easy to see where 18 is coming from.

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Am I the only person bothered by 1's incorrect use of the word of?

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97 & 102- You both forgot commas after "douche" and "chill", respectively. *Trollface*

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No, not at all. I'm a known grammar Nazi, though. And punctuation, and spelling. Nerds... UNITE!!!

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Toughen up soldier you will make it through

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Exactly 89 why is this guy writing an fml about the gf not being upset and already seeing other people when he had been wanting to end it for awhile, and he broke up with her. You broke up with her you can't complain that she was already seeing someone else and wasn't heartbroken about losing you. Ydi

She's a cheating **** anyway, just drop her ass and look for someone who hopefully appreciates you enough to: A) Actually dump you instead of cheat like a ****, and B)Is hopefully much nicer and trustworthy anyway.

PhishloverA 14

#54 or look for someone who won't dump him at all and therefore ending up marrying OP. Then they'll live happily ever after

She didnt know what she had. Unfaithful, selfish bitch -.-

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How can you say that when you don't even know OP, I hate comments like this

Because she was cheating. It is very simple, if you aren't happy with someone, leave. Don't B.S. your relationship by seeing other people.

No offense to op, but she clearly didn't want what she had. She went about dealing with it totally wrong though.

42, Her cheating doesn't make him a hero. The point still stands, we don't know anything about the OP, so suggesting she didn't know what she had like he is completely innocent is stupid.

bamagrl410 31

109 - Cheating is stupid no matter who does it or what the situation is. No one is saying that OP is the greatest human being on the planet or a hero in any way. However, if she didn't want to be with him, she should've just ended it. Therefore it's reasonable for people to not think very highly of her actions. There's no other way around that point.

134, Comprehension would serve you well. We are talking about her not knowing what she had. Nobody anywhere has denied she is PROBABLY a bitch for cheating on him. I wish you people could grasp this simple concept.

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Now that wasn't so hard, was it?

MwahFMLS 6

I just accidentally thumbs down'd my own comment along with 2 other thumbs downs, I'm ashamed.

It's ok Peter we all know you're a very special man :)

Nikkitaria 9

She could have been lying just to get the upper hand in the situation. You pretty much just broke up with her, she doesn't want to look like she's affected by it. Or maybe she's a cheating bitch, I don't know.

That's exactly what I was going to say. I think she just said it cause her pride was hurt and she was upset you were breaking up with her. It was a defence mechanism. Definitely doesn't make it right, but she didn't want to show you how much it hurt.

How is calling herself an unfaithful **** going to help her in anyway?

Either way she's a bitch for saying that.

Should explain it. I bet the second OP said "we should see other people" she must have assumed he already was "seeing other people." Or she meant she already had some one in mind to start seeing. Or she was cheating this whole time. Either way, you broke up with her, OP.

lol tell her the reason why u had to tell her was because u and her sister have been having some little things behind her back and u felt guilty about it

9 - What if she doesn't have a sister, but has a brother instead? Or is an only child?

Ah so she'll then start a fight with her sibling? Yeah, that's a real good solution.

Ouch.. And that's where you never talk to her again.