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Today, my teacher, who's Irish, called me insensitive and stupid for imitating her accent. I'm Filipino and my parents immigrated to Ireland where I was born, and then we moved to Canada when I was 14. Her response to my explanation? "Bullshit." FML
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Damn. But hey, accents are cool.


UrLyfSuxx 0

Damn. But hey, accents are cool.

I love those accents! And you're teacher is just being a retard.

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You're just one big cluster **** of accents.

Say to him you know this little kid named FRANKY. He should know who he is even though u may not

I feel bad for you, OP, I'm an Indian guy and I've lived in London for the first 10 years of my life. I lived in New Zealand for almost 3 years and I've been living in Canada for 3 years. It's a ******* ordeal explaining this to ignorant people wondering why I don't sound "Brown".

Saying you spent your childhood in the UK is an ordeal?

Perhaps people are more curious than "ignorant" when they encounter an Indian who doesn't have an Indian accent. I asked my girlfriend where she was from the first time we met because she had grown up in New Zealand, Australia and the U.S. and has a unique accent. Think of them as curious rather than ignorant and it might no longer be an ordeal to say you spent your childhood in the UK.

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sounds like a bad starburst commercial.

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I've got a heavy german accent and Nobody I know thinks it's cool.

The Accents are ALMOST as cool as brick walls, But hey who's judging xD

No, 98, saying I spent my childhood in the UK is no ordeal. However, explaining that multiple times to people who say I'm full of shit and bully me is an ordeal.

Ok why Frankie and why should teacher know?

I was born and raised in America, speak two languages and have a Russian accent in both. Neither language is Russian. There is no explanation behind my accent. At least you have that much.

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I live in Texas and never realized how bad my accent was until I went to Boston a few years ago. They couldn't understand me and I couldn't understand them. It was interesting.

What the Frick?!?! We Irish don't speak like that at all!!! >:(

"Wee" is Scottish not Irish.. Jus' sayin'.

Liar!! Why's your username 'Salsa'? Huh? Thought so.. Spanish? Maybe. South American? Probably but Irish? Don't think so buddy.

Or #41 was immitating the teacher and apparently none of you idiots got it. That's another possible explanation too. Don't worry 41, I got it and it was funny... except that we had to explain it to everyone else. ;)

Yep, that's exactly it 63. I guess going by your username, I should assume you're a pedant jerk? I would, but that would make no better than you. So here's a royal **** you instead. Cheers.

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Fml sea u should text me sometime

It's a never ending cycle of ignorance. @_@

Seems to me that there's a bad case of "bustin' chops" going around.

I say OP should speak up more in class; raise his hand, participate, whatever it takes. ;)

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I'm Irish and happy paddys day to u all

katiedoll6 7

I'm Irish and happy paddys day to u all

LunaDragon 10

And I'm a Dragon, so shut it no cares.

But if you're a dragon, why is your picture of 2 (what i assume to be) elementals kissing?

LunaDragon 10

There're the souls of Dragons, yeah that's it. =P

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He's actually Irish with Filipino parents.

LunaDragon 10

77 He's actually Fillpino, who happens to be an Irish citizen, your ethnicity (I think that's how it's spelled) isn't determined by where you where born.

Filipino isn't an ethnicity. That's like saying American or French is an ethnicity.

The majority of Filipinos belong to the Malay or Asian ethnicity. Anyone born in the Philippines would be considered a Filipino but not necessarily be of Malaysian or Asian descent. Since he was born in Ireland he is Irish of (most likely) Malaysian or Asian descent.

4, The Philippines is a corrupt country run by greed and stupidity. You shouldn't be proud of your country until it has some semblance of order. Pity is the emotion you should be feeling for the poor oppressed people living in that backward country who have to live every day under a constant power struggle perpetuated by the trash that labels itself law and order.

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106 American and French are ethnecys just to let u know

I'm there right now, in the Philippines for a couple of weeks. I'm Aussie, but half Filipino. The country isn't as bad as you seemed to make it sound.

I'm a panda! What now, bitches? And if you can guess why I'll give you a cookie.

190, You're there right now? For a few weeks? Oh I'm so sorry, I'm sure a few weeks has really been enough time for you to learn all about the entire country. I assume then you're staying somewhere like the provinces, or perhaps the outer rim of Manila, and are keeping as far away from the usual tourist areas as possible so you can really see the financial disparity. When you get pulled aside by the police who you have to bribe openly in broad daylight to avoid a false charge you can say you've experienced a taste of the bullshit system they have over there. The country has a joke of a political, legal and judicial system, and the life expectancy is extremely low. It's not a third world country because they have their shit together.

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Your post is SWPL - being an expert on other peoples culture. (But you're wrong, sorta.) In other cases, American isn't an ethnicity it's a nationality since America is made up immigrants. Nationality basically means citizenship. So the OP is of Filipino ethnicity whose nationality is Irish. Ethnicity refers to racial lineage. Same thing for French nationality. Of course one can elect to have two nationalities if one chooses/has the opportunity to hold dual citizenship ie. born in America, but moved to Ireland or the Philippines. Of course multiculturalism muddles this two terms and due their multiple ethnic background some people refer to themselves as "muts" (most likely European muts) a derogatory word if you're PC. As for me, I'm an American citizen of Filipino ethnicity. I consider myself an Asian-American (ah, being hyphenated America).

178: American and French are nationalities. Examples of ethnicities include the Amish in America and the Alsatians in France.

Downtime, you are such a badass. You probably know a lot about countries you're not from.

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Downtime, dont act like u live in a perfect country. And also we take pride in our country and u probably also do. U probably take pride in your country but u know theres a lot of ******* problems with it. We all do it, its patriotic thing.

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Not all Canadians say "eh!" at the end of their sentence.

Actually I live in Montreal and maybe not after EVERY sentence but we do say it often

I laughed so hard I fell off my moose.

norr14 4

Imfrom canada and so is the rest of my family, we dont say eh at all. Where do you people get this from?

I watched Fargo a lot as a kid ever seen it? its good movie

I'm Canadian. I don't say eh often... but when I do it's at the end of a sentence-eh. Just kidding we don't actually say eh at all but I personally love using it sometimes just for fun. I mean, this is a pretty innocent stereotype.

Maybe you say eh a lot over there in Montreal, but in the GTA (Toronto mainly) I don't think I've ever heard it being used in a sentence.

TheDrifter 23

You're missing out. Calgarians don't use it much, but eh is a great word. Eh is a greeting, question, statement of mediocre interest and a start to teaching American tourists the alphabet all in one eh.

I'm not sure why Americans think we have an accent or say eh. Your stereo types are all based on Canadians who speak French as a first language. That like assuming all Americans sound like mexicans.

Yes exactly! I've been living in Newfoundland since I was 12 and I've never even heard someone say 'eh' that aren't making fun of those that do. It's mostly in Ottawa and Quebec isn't it?

I live in Ontario and everyone I know says eh often. However, I've never heard anyone say 'aboot'

samikitty961 8

Well I guess I'm one of those Canadians that do say 'eh' on a regular basis. I'm from Calgary and I've become so used to saying it every now and then I don't even realize it.

I was born and raised in Toronto and I have heard "eh" at least 4 times in 17 years....

im canadian and i say "eh" all the time. AND IM PROUD OF IT, EH!

Yeah true, I live near Montreal too :)

99 sorry to burst your little bubble there, but the rest of you Canadians DO have accents. Just like Americans have accents. I'm from Montreal and I don't have a French accent, but I have an accent just like every other country. And it varies from province to province, state to state etc.

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No it's not. Consider yourself corrected.

withyou_fml 1

Well my bad. No need to make me feel bad. It was a genuine mistake

FMLContinued 3

You said to correct you if you're wrong. He did. Then you accuse him of trying to make you feel bad? I think a thank you is in order.

25- I think he's talking about his dislikes.

withyou_fml 1
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The country is the philippines, but those that hail from there are either Filipino or Filipina. =) the more you know.

I think all the negative votes serve as correction. Booyah.

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#6 I spell it with a ph too my best friend is filipino and she spells it with a ph also, it's not correct I just like being different I love my pinyo beefy XD

I shall take it further! Isn't* Filipino* I'm* And now according to DocBastard's profile, I want your sweet ass.

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Damn who stole her lucky charms. That's a bitch move OP but don't let her bring ya down cause accents are awesome. Argh!!

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...was I not supposed to eat her Lucky Charms? Sorry....

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Normally bringing your parents into something is lame but I'd have my mom or dad tell her ass off!

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I believe SHE's the one lying. Call her accent bluff.

shes just racist thinking all irish r white

No, she is not racist. There is a far better chance that it's a kid mocking her than one of the very small non-white population of a small country ending up in her class on a different continent.

Must be quite an ignorant teacher. Do a Michael Flatley dance and proove her wrong. FYL