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By  Shia_fml  |  0

Yup... I had that happen to me... dated a guy, only to find out two months before he got married that he was engaged, two day's before he got married he called me and told me "he loved me" wtf... luckily I had never had sex with him during our one year, there was just something that told me not too.. good thing for sense... "maybe he just wante da fling before he's wedding, thank god I never went"

By  thebootyfaerie  |  0

You wanted to confess your feelings, which means that he had no idea. Which means that you weren't seeing each other.

You love someone who you're not even seeing? No, you're crushing in a creepy way.

By  Fnukk  |  0

Better that he talked first I think, saves you alot of pain. Also loving someone without knowing them is completly superficial, just saying. (Ps. I don't know your situation, you might know him of course)