By gbhlaughingstock - 18/08/2009 19:20 - United States

Today, I was at my school's spaghetti dinner with my family. My brother shook up my mom's soda, as a prank. My entire class witnessed my mom waving around an overflowing Diet Coke while my dad yelled, "Come on, put your mouth on it! Suck it! Suck it, Kathy!" FML
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your dad is a BBEAST!!!!!!!!!

Suck the foam off


Suck the foam off

tpag3r 0

DAD WIN! you should consider yourself lucky your parents arent embarrassing in a worse way

your dad is a BBEAST!!!!!!!!!

You were at a school dinner.... ... in august?

Why is having a school dinner in August weird? My school started 2 weeks ago. In the south, school starts way earlier.

Yeah, I'm in Chesapeake, Virginia. Haha the only reason why I don't mind saying it on the Internet is because there are freaking millions of people in this city... xD

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"in the south, school starts way earlier." No, it doesn't! We haven't started yet =P

What is all this family dinner at school business? I'm from Britain and we have nothing like it!

I'm in America and don't know what that is

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Having a school dinner is like a fundraiser to get money for the school! We had them all the time!!

I don't think we do in Canada either.. not that I've heard of

Suaria 38

Well I think it depends on the school. My high school for the last two years has started on the 15th of August. Of course I don't even live in the south, but North West of America in the Bay Area.

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HAHAHA! Your dad shouldn't known better... but that's FUNNY AS FUCK.

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how is "****" funny?


HOLY SHIT How is shit holy? JESUS CHRIST What does Jesus have to do with this? Fuck you Why do you want to do me? They are just phrases that in our society of our time Funny as Fuck is understood as really funny. btw urban dictionary ftw.

ahaha you're my hero. i hate smartass's like that

Many ppl have asked me are u gay for saying **** you and i say i'm using it as a ******* insult but they're just being smart asses

did u really have to get literal on the comment? jeez. just an expression.

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AHAHAHA u just made my day! thx 4 pointing that out =)

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I love you.

That's what she said bwahhahahaha! @#1: GTFO pedophile.

I have no idea what she's talking about

hahahahha, that is so funny,



um yes..thats what he DID say

WOW, thank you SO much for clearing that up. I was quite confused.

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im sorry i died laughing ur dad should know better ;)

DeathByFalchion 0

Hahahahahahahaha...more like **** HER life.

Sun_Kissed18 25

Hahhahaha ooh lighten up :) its funny!