*screaming intensifies*

By Thalassophobic - 21/07/2009 05:32 - United States

Today, I went to the beach. I was in the ocean and I looked over my shoulder and saw a big black spot. Knowing that there were big crabs on the beach, I screamed. Everyone in the water heard including the lifeguards. It turns out it was just my shadow. FML
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If I were you I would keep that kind of stupidity to myself...just a thought.

You act like you've never had crabs before.


hahahahhahaha this made me laugh. not realy fyl, but its funny.

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First, to the OP, YDI. To number 25, I don't see why you'd think it's fake. I've seen stuff like this happen before, and 99.9% of the time it's a woman.

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my cuzin was terrified of his shadow for 6 years!!!!

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why would you even do that? what dangerous things are there that are black in obviously shallow water?

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Her username is thalasophobic. I also have that phobia.

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There are so many FMLS about this, yet so many stupid people in the world do this like me. I thought I was being stalked once. It was my shadow. FAIL.

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I knew she was a woman right when I read it.

Silly paranoia. Nice username, though.

You act like you've never had crabs before.

Not an FML, but it's kinda funny. Who's been letting the shitty stories in lately?

That sounds like something I would do...

Why would you be scared of a crab if you're a girl? you don't have a wiener to worry about!! And I know crabs can't resist clamping wieners!! >:

This one is boring. Not an FML, hardly funny. Next.

if it's not funny don't comment retard