By missmisfit - 13/06/2012 04:14 - Canada - Montreal

Today, I gave my puppy a treat for finally doing his business in the grass instead of on the patio. He later puked it up all over the patio. FML
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Maybe he thought if he did it again, he'd get another treat

Looks like it's time for new treats.


Maybe he thought if he did it again, he'd get another treat

Read the fml again. He got the treat for the grass. Not the patio.

Maybe the treat you gave him did that

Thank you for clarifying what OP had already mentioned.

No im definitely sure it was a flower -.-

Very good Andrew, very good!

Lol that made my day

Looks like it's time for new treats.

Scooby Snacks might work better.

Or less of them. Sounds like OP gave quite a lot. it's just a puppy!

He's just a pup babies will do that. I've found verbal praise and touch works better than food.

Dogs will learn to go outside when there business. Bet every dog I have had will start to wretch of they have hard wood, concrete, grass or carpet it will always be the carpet.

It wasn't his fault. Sometimes my older dog still gets sick (very rarely, and when it's very bad we understand why she couldn't get outside fast enough). Hope his stomach feels better :)

spewed up the treat, or it's business?

The puppy puked up the treat.

its* I can't believe that happened this is SO embarassing

in that case, just be glad he pikes up the treat, not the poo

I think it's his way of telling you to get better treats.

I find verbal humiliation works best on puppies.