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By Patrick - 14/10/2012 04:39 - United States - Sulphur

Today, I brought my new puppy home. I saw her sniffing around, so I took her outside to do her business. She simply played in the grass for ten minutes, so I brought her in. She walked in the door, squatted, and shit. She has diarrhea. This is the fourth time today. FML
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Just stay outside with your dog, sounds much cleaner.

When my Corgi was a puppy, I'd stay outside with him until he did his business. Walking them rather than just letting them play tends to get it done quicker. After the fourth time though, you deserved it.


I think the dog may be trying to send you a message.

I can't imagine what that message might be. Unless maybe you think it's something like "I don't like ******** outside."

The message is that he hates your fugly ass carpet and he wants you to change it or else he'll continue to **** it up.

43, that's a little bit harsh don't you think??

44- Don't **** with Futacy. One can only IMAGINE the shit he's seen. Your nightmares? He's living those. Next time, think before you question him.

50. Haha, your profile pic totally matched with your comment! :)

Just stay outside with your dog, sounds much cleaner.

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Some dogs, especially puppy's, won't go until they smell a trace of a dog having gone before them. Try placing a puppy pad in the yard

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It's a shitty situation isn't it?

23- really? you must be new here, we don't take kindly to horrible cliche puns.

Well, 10 minutes isn't nearly long enough. OP needs to stay outside for as long as possible (even if it takes up to an hour) and praise the puppy like crazy when it finally does its business outside. OP you need to have a little more patience; puppy doesn't know diddly squat until you guide it. Best of luck.

Even though they're overused, a good shit pun can still be hilarious. This, on the other hand, is just shit.

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Anything u mean as anybody refeers to a person

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10- it's *refer. And no. A dog/puppy is still an "anybody" , whether you get a response or not determinds if you should even use it for an animal. What if I called you a thing?

Honestly, after the first time I would have made the puppy stay on the porch or in the yard.

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Can't really blame the puppy for having diarrhea. Obviously it's sick and needs to be seen by a vet. There's numerous intestinal parasites puppies pick up, clearly there's a problem here.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, I'm an idiot. Fool me four times, it's an FML.

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52, not necessarily. When puppies first move to a new home, it can be quite normal for them to have loose/bloody stool for the first few days due to high stress from being separated from mother and relocated to an unfamiliar place.

Well it is a puppy ... I think it will go over after a while :)

I agree. ^^ the puppy is still young.

Don't take her out to potty and let her play u have to teach her or him and use the same words like "go potty" and tell her or him he's a good dog after they use the bathroom outside...or here's a thought read how to house train a puppy

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Exactly right. You're rug may suffer a little, but wait until you can catch pup about to go, then immediately move to your desired potty location. Once pup does what it needs to repeat the command praisingly and give a small treat. This method is the quickest way to potty train

The way I always train my dogs is too leave them in a cage (a biggish one) for about a week or two. a dog wont shit where it lives, so when its tine I take it out, this way it learns to hold it until I take it out for a walk.

When my Corgi was a puppy, I'd stay outside with him until he did his business. Walking them rather than just letting them play tends to get it done quicker. After the fourth time though, you deserved it.

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I'm so jealous that you have a corgi! Such stubby legs

But don't you think it would be a little ridiculous for op to have to walk the dog 4 times in just one day?

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68 - No? I walk my dog 4-5 times a day, depending on my schedule or the weather.

I love my Corgi. :3 but no, it's not uncommon to walk your puppy more than 5 times a day. When they're still young, they don't have very good bladder control and they still need to be taught that going in the house is bad. If you leave your puppy in the house for hours at a time, it's YOUR fault if they mess in the house when they don't know better.

Every time we take my pup out to potty, we walk around the block and then take her for an actual walk. Dogs aren't for lazy people...

I had a puppy that did that too. You just have to stay outside until they go. Eventually they catch on, it just takes a while.

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