By TiredBird - 5/9/2021 17:01


Today, I'm exhausted. My neighbours across the street had an argument about loud metal music. After a threat of, "Turn the heavy metal off or I’ll burn your house down," the music changed to Katy Perry’s "Firebird". For two hours. FML
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By  Chazzster  |  22

Classic example of:

(1) Why there are noise ordinances - Call the police and file a complaint, let them confront the offenders. (Usually at night the noise ordinances are in effect.) By the way, chances are they are drunk or high - that’s not usually a crime, but it makes them tend to be less cooperative than usual and all the more reason to let the police deal with them.

(2) Never threaten to do something you aren’t prepared to actually follow through on. Adults can usually read you to know if you are bluffing and the usual result is calling your bluff - As your neighbors did.

(3) Start with the police - Not with a personal confrontational over things like this. That way they won’t be sure who made the noise complaint and the police usually don’t tell them. Of course now they know who is displeased with their music.