By ven980 - 04/09/2013 07:00 - United States - Muskogee

Today, I had to bail my brother out of jail after he punched a convenience store clerk in the face for running out of Cheetos. FML
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Hey OP here. I just wanted to add a little detail to this story. My brother had just come from a bachelor party and was very drunk so he called me for a ride. He punched the clerk because he was rude to us and yes I did leave him there overnight

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The clerk was probably rude because he has to deal with drunk assholes every single night for a piss poor low wage.....

MissWhitneyB 17

You should have left him there for him acting stupid!


MissWhitneyB 17

You should have left him there for him acting stupid!

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You brother doesn't like being cheated of his Cheetos

I’m quite certain you didn’t have to bail him out this. A day in a prison cell might change your brother’s opinion about appropriate behaviour...

This was already an FML... just at a liquor store...

I agree with 33, my brother went to jail for a week and he said it was horrible and he never wants to go back.

Imagine what he would do for a Klondike Bar 0_0

his brain is full of hot air... just like a cheetos bag. seriously though, he should have stayed in there. that clerk didnt do anything to deserve that. :/

I would have let him sit in jail for a night or two. That's ridiculous. Anybody who works customer service knows that it sucks beyond reason and stupid people like your brother are the reason it sucks.

I agree Cheetos are amazing, but it's not the clerks fault.. So I agree with you!

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No way! The clerk had that coming. Probably had this real sinister grin while telling OP's brother they were out, but you could see the cheese dust left on his hands! Then just to rub salt in his wounds he decided to lick all that cheese dust without even offering OP's brother a little taste.. Damn you Cheetos clerk, damn you!

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Wow, he needs to learn to control his anger. Poor clerk :(

I'd say that clerk sure felt the arm of robbery…

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I feel really bad for the clerk. It's a pain in the ass to have to deal with crazy people like OP's brother. Staying in jail would've been the perfect punishment for his over reaction and out of hand behavior.

Every family has one. I have a brother that does stupid, irresponsible shit, too. Sorry, OP, I know shit like this sucks.

Nowadays you have to warn people from Cheetos..

I do say, Cheetos are very important. But violence over false cheese products is never the answer.

Cheetos are so totally worth it. But which flavor was he looking for?

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Shoulda left him there, OP. You're better off without him.