By shatfjord - 10/10/2014 22:34 - United States - Rochester

Today, I and a coworker got bitched out and suspended by our boss after our computers got infected with a weird porn virus. It soon turned out the virus had come from our boss' infected memory stick. Did he apologize? No. Is our suspension still in force? Yes. FML
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That must suck, OP. However, I'm sure you can prove your innocence to your boss. I don't think it's legal to get suspended for something like that.


Yes! Definitely get HR on his ass OP. I worked with Human Rights for a year now. Get them involved asap.

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To OP: correction, it's not "I and a coworker", it's "a coworker and I"

Lehk, that is true in some states, but there are many that you cannot do that.

That must suck, OP. However, I'm sure you can prove your innocence to your boss. I don't think it's legal to get suspended for something like that.

I too agree that either you or your boss must provide proof of their side of the story before any suspensions can even occur. Otherwise it's probably illegal to force leave.

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wow OP your boss doesn't sound too professional. maybe call the police and see how they handle it.

A lot of workplaces in the US use a at will model for employment. So unless OPs work has a employee handbook that lays out reasons for suspension/termination, or they had you sign some papers that state how they can suspend/fire you, OPs boss might not have to give a reason.

Actually, I'm pretty sure it is legal. OP's boss could suspend him for no reason at all, as a matter of fact.

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well, any reason except "race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age or disability." Those were the biggies, so they are banned. But the boss can come up with any BS reason or none at all as a cause to fire/suspend/etc. Some states and cities have added sexual orientation and gender identity to it, and some have covered maternity, too...but most places you can fire/suspend/etc. for any reason except the EOC reasons above.

What an ass he is. Report him to higher ups or something.


I think you go to HR for that, not sure though

Put more viruses on his computer.

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Sounds good to me. Might as well commit the crime that you were accused of.

A Stick Transmitted Disease perhaps?

What a great boss.

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If he's watching weird shit and bringing it around with him, chances are he might need to get his other infected memory stick looked at as well.

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You need to bring it to someone higher up than your boss.

Contact the better business bureau, and possibly a lawyer. I know New York doesn't tolerate those kind of illegal work punishment.

A Coworker and I....

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2 words: law suit

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*lawsuit is actually one word my friend

Unless he means a business suit for law.