By richkief76 - 10/05/2011 02:34

Today, I finally found where the awful lingering stench in my house was coming from. My son thought it would be funny to piss in the baby's humidifier. He's 16. FML
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He's probably bored since PSN is still down :P

What’s up with these people that pissing and ******** all over the place? Every day there is an FML about people who don’t know what a toilet, or bathroom, or shitroom or whatever you want to call it is about. Few days ago someone even pissed on a roller coaster.


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guess he needs a hobby lol


He's probably bored since PSN is still down :P

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guess he needs some discipline !

wow that's pretty ****** op

Get him some taco bell and put some baby poo in a burrrito.

you think that's bad? I once took a shit in one of my neighbours air con system his place smelled like shit for months.

#8- I concur, if you want to blame someone then blame them who took away his online gaming.

#22- or you could just get some taco bell and make him eat it.

I seriously hope that the 16 yr old lost the car keys, all access to the internet, all his favorite video game systems, and has to go through the house steam cleaning all the rugs and drapes as punishment.

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discipline sucks...just do something sick nasty to the little ******

#53 thinking like that is why Australia doesn't have an R18+ rating for games

Shit in his bed.

well, you're an asshole. especially if you are trying to one-up the op's son at being an asshole. just sayin'

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he HAS one - Drugs. duh.

#8, in that case, he should clearly get an Xbox360:D.

he's jealous of the baby.

I'm sorry, my previous comment (#124) was in reguards to comment #49 ( I believe it was that one, the one about ******** in on an ac unit)

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lol that is funny.

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a simple back hand would be funny as well

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lol that's great

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Wow # 56 your an idiot. Wait till you have kids. I hope they just directly on when their 16 years old.

shoulda pooped in it

I modded this one so I definitely agree(:

You call it funny. The law says it is child endangerment, a felony. And OP is complacent by being indifferent in the crime if she fails to act upon it... especially if OP then comes to this site and makes such a post. One sorry ass parent. Poor baby does not stand a snow ball in hell chance.

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I thought it was funny to. you guys just need to have some fun once in a while.

Really?? "Redneck"? does that uncivilized 'Fun' include your sister?.. I thought so -_-..

what does his age have to do with it?

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because 16 year olds arent suppose to do immature things like pissing in a babies humidifier

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Or use nerd names that allude to specific game consoles.

If everything had no age limit imagine kids with guns running around and shooting people they hate.

Actually yes, 16 year olds are supposed to do immature things, that is part of the whole growing up and learning and maturing, etc...being a teenager. And I am so not endorsing what he did, that is pretty gross lol.

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This isn't immaturity as much as complete lack of respect for the baby and the parents. YDI, op, for raising an asshole.

Again with blaming the dont raise an ass hole, you raise a kid the best you can, they are an ass hole because they have a mind of their own and are a free thinking person with their own personality, some of which is just part of who they are, while some of it is because of how they were raised. A 16 year old does stupid shit because they are immature because they are teenagers, they are influenced by tv, movies, internet, friends and kids at school. Those play AS BIG OF a factor as the parents do, if not more. So it is NOT the OP's fault for raising an ass hole, jeez.

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after the age of ten, you just don't do that.

but its the parents fault for allowing these influences like tv games so on... of course you can't keep them from everything but you can talk to them about what they see or limit/monitor it. but this peeing in the baby's humidifier is rebellion

109 - "Now son, you may go over to your friend's house but you are not allowed to watch [name of show] or play [name of game]". You can control what your child does in the house but you don't have jurisdiction over what your child does when he's not at home.

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King, parents are the single strongest influence on kids, no matter how old. Yes, there are other factors, but by the time he's 16, peeing into his baby brother's humidifier shows that he hasn't been taught to respect other people's health or safety. That's a parent's job. Yes it's immature but it's OP's fault for not teaching him. Also, he clearly has no remorse or guilt since they *finally* found the source of the stench without him coming out with it on his own (or at least fixing it on his own). That means he's an asshole. OP's "raising" an independently thinking asshole.

I think to do that at the age of 16 there is probably something mentally wrong. By the age of 11 (or younger) kids should know that you don't do mean things to babies, because they are completely defenseless.

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Thanks Nico, I missed that. :)

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One would think that you would assume urinating in a humidifier is just play wrong.

I don't know. just because you're sixteen doesn't mean you're allowed to act like a tard, it just means that it's typical for a sixteen year old. this is why we can't have nice things. op, your life sucks.

103 - when's the last time you watched tv or hung out with your friends and thought, "hey wow this really makes me want to piss in a humidifier"

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umm no 127 it's babies

um..I thought 123 had it right da 1st time. oh right, 157 seems to think so as well.

give him some cleaning projects he's obviously bored lol

It'd be real funny to make him take care of the problem.

Lol awesome dp. The closest thing I could form was twat...


That IS funny!

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for reals

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yeah thats real funny grow the hell up i hope you have a hell child one day


wow lebron your not very nice

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It's kids like you that make me sad for the future of the world.


wow hahaha that just made my day :)

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your hot..

What’s up with these people that pissing and ******** all over the place? Every day there is an FML about people who don’t know what a toilet, or bathroom, or shitroom or whatever you want to call it is about. Few days ago someone even pissed on a roller coaster.

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haha I wanna gonna ask that.

I prefer the term "shitshack".

it's called NO RESPECT!!!!!!

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u should grab ur son and put his face in to that spot lol than show him a toilet. just like u do with kittens or puppies when they ******** around looooooool hahaha

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laugh out-out-out-out-out-out-out-out loud? I don't get it.

please stop with the 'looooooooool'. 'lol' brings across the message loud and clear.

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#17 and #35 damn, shut the hell up.

I think 14 is saying "laugh ouuuuuuuuut loud."

47- you are just one happy ball of sunshine aren't you