By tony - 24/07/2009 07:04 - United States

Today, I discovered my 18 year old son has been peeing on the carpet when he is too lazy to get out of bed in the morning and blaming it on the cat. FML
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You should pee in his bed. Blame it on the cat.

ashole1990 10

my brother used to pee in a bottle when he didnt feel like getting up.... then he kept the bottles filled in a cabinet at least it isnt as disturbing as that haha but yeah, fyl. he's gross


FYL you have a disgusting son. *cough*first*cough*

Antonio718 0

******* Retard. you just entered ' so you can go back and edit it to be first. Well congratulations for being the Dumbass of the day. Anyway. If you believed him when he said the cat did it your retarded

Do I get a medal? Or a reward of any kind?

ashole1990 10
CharlotteZ 0

First off Antonio718, who cares who is first? I didn't realize that this was a competition. Secondly, it is absolutely inappropriate to call someone a "retard" and thirdly, the word is "you're" not your. The word "you're" is a shortened version of you are. The word "your" indicates possession. The next time you try to tell someone they are unintelligent, take a long look in the mirror.

Antonio718 0

Wow first off when did i state i wanted to be first? 2. I didn't know FML was a website that teaches spelling and grammar. I thought it was an internet forum. But its not thanks for informing me dumbass. 3. Oh wow. Retard. I'm going to hurt so many people with that word. Get a life retard

Antonio718 0

yea, i agree YOU should take a look in the mirror

This Antonio kid seems like a homosexual.

There's nothing wrong with posting "first!" as long as you have included a proper comment too. People who still get enraged by that are the annoying ones. Yeah also annoying are the people who, in light of finding they are first poster, can ONLY post "OMG!! FIRST!!!". That is annoying, but getting all hormonal over it is not the situation. Anyway, back to the FML. OP that's absolutely disgusting. I mean, sometimes I just can't be bothered getting out of bed when I need the toilet in the morning, but you just manage or at least hold it in until you become less tired. If it was like a 10 year old I might just understand, but an 18 year old? I'm not going to say you're a bad parent, cos that's harsh, but you clearly didn't teach him enough shame for him to be disgusted by that.

No I would say Antonio is gay, they're just as polite as everyone else is. Maybe he's just a failure of a human being who can't stand being corrected so he acts like a bitch about it to cover up his own inadequate self.

Antonio718 0

Guys, stop calling yourselves gay, god we know you get turned off by the opposite sex.

XxRocker94xX 0

Haha, jesus. You act like a friggen 3rd grader. Grow up.

realggirl 0

Haha, #1! These mexicans and their crazy shenanigans... will they never learn? Hehe, it makes me giggle.

DeadMansCrack 4

Why do comments keep getting buried just because they have the word "first"? It's not like the 1st comment on this page was "FIRST!!!!!1HAAHAHA BITCHEZZ". They still did reply to the FML. OP- that's a little sad. Have a talk with your son.

fucklifeee 0

lmfao, "FIRST!!!!!HAHAHAH BITCHEZZZ!!" . thats hilarious :)

myfishisBOBA 0

beat his ass. thats disgusting

Yes, #4 'you're' like "You're the biggest douche bag ive ever shoved up my vagi-gi" (: Was that to far? Eh, why the hell not? Its not like i know anyone on this site.

this isn't an english lesson, and u didn't even leave a comment concerning the FML smart one

Boden 0

Lol that's offensive to the homosexuals..

x3sunshine 0

THIS MESSAGE IS FOR #4. of course he would belive that the cat did it -_- because usually people don't pee on the floor.. no matter how lazy they are.

Gumblebum100 0

lol seriously Antonio you didn't win the fight so stop trying it looks bad!! and do you know how to count?? you put 2 and 3 what about one??? retard

WOW_idc123 0

Antonio has anger management. Calm down you crazy bitch.

I hate when people get on grammar -___- it's ridiculous -TYPE HOW EVER YOU ****** FEEL LIKE IT YOU GOT THE MESSAGE TROUGH RIGHT?! STUPID BITCH UNDERSTOOD RIGHT?! jeez -Ł

Chocolate_Chunk 2
zendaddy0 0

*cough* *cough* *cough* what?

emogiggles 0

Antonio shut the **** up no one wants to hear your whiny ass ok!? Stop acting like your all badass because your not if you want to start fights or arguments don't do it on this site cos no one cares the worst thing you can do is caps lock us to death OP have a talk with your son

Um, you should've raised him better. YDI.

Yes, YDI for his son being lazy. /sarcasm

xFuckThisLife 0

2 - I agree. She might also need a long conversation with this son of hers.

xFuckThisLife 0

Oops! I didn't notice it said " Tony " until now. Please think of the she and hers as he and his.

Dont blame a person on how another acts. Especially when that other is a adult

abandonship 3

..did you catch him in the act or what? x_X

ashole1990 10

my brother used to pee in a bottle when he didnt feel like getting up.... then he kept the bottles filled in a cabinet at least it isnt as disturbing as that haha but yeah, fyl. he's gross

Thadius 0

What type of son did you raise... YDI


xkaitlinwhitex 0

…please tell me he is REALLY young.

Well that depends on what you define as young. For instance; would you say 18 is young?

Well I'm 18, and since 18 is the age of a legal adult and you should know to go to the bathroom, no 18 is not young

darkmis1, I think xkaitlinwhitex would be OK if he were 18 years, 10 days old, but would be offended if he were 18 years, 360 days old. Seeing that she is 16, I can assume she pees on the carpet and wants to know her deadline when it ceases to be cute.

sirdanielson 5

cuz OP in MY opinion posts a lot of fake stories just 4 attention as I notice a lot of his posts dont add up..

i only pee in a botle in the truck cos it takes to long to get back up to speed lol mind you i bin it at the first chance i get not keep it in a cabinet or toss it out the window , thats just bad. oh and rub his nose in it :)

My fiance and his brother used to mow lawns and they peed in bottles. My fiance would throw them out, his brother would leave them in the hot truck. It took ages for my fiance to get the stench out when he inherited the truck. So...keep up with throwing them out lol