By thiswouldonlyhappentome - 31/05/2011 00:33 - Aruba

Today, I finally found out what that weird smell in my apartment was. My ex-boyfriend had been breaking into my apartment and hiding rotting fruit all over the place. I found this out when a ceiling panel fell and a swarm of fruit flies attacked me. FML
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BrittanyCelesteP 0

Call the cops and get his ass locked up for breaking and entering.

who does that kinda shit? NO LIFE ex bf


uncbballwins 0

You should write a thesis on that.

uncbballwins 0

What's a thisis? (go trolls go!!)

reggicm 0

Nice 9, sarcastic, short, and to the point...I fully support your remark. lol

30 re-read your comment and then slap yourself. We'll all appreciate it.

I think what " squidward " was trying to say was that was really not that funny at all. sorry to burst your bubble.

rallets 22

jeans skinny like squidward

pinkandbluepsych 3

or maybe he meant that the comment needed punctuation?

The fact that it's spelt correctly right above and you STILL spelt it wrong? (fail trolls fail)

MrsLender_fml 3

He was just leaving you little gifts, how sweet!

Tuesdaythe10th 11

Have you ever seen that alzheimers commercial with the lemons ? you never know ...

your ex bf must really hate u.... Its called payback OP.

ienjoithinqs 0

I would of cried and ran like a little girl.. No Joke

K410 18

Haha ikr I'm sorry but YDI for breaking the dudes heart. As they say pay back's a bitch :p

How do you know she broke his heart? Maybe hes just bat-******* insane..

who does that kinda shit? NO LIFE ex bf

missL1z 5

I cannot believe there are people who would do that!

TylersMB 0

your bf took the time to break in and place food everywhere? how old is he? hope hes your ex nowlol.

staceysgenesis16 0

FAIL! lol see i did it for you! haha. jk jk :P i like your mercedes!

PSQ91 6

Holy shit! You're 16 and drive a Maserati?

staceysgenesis16 0

yeah! why u got a problem?! hmm?!! lmao jk

ohhh no good!!! lucky it wasn't a steak or any meat product tht he left....or even poop 0_0

HeaRTs_Girl 0

Is your boyfriend on crack or does he just really ******* hate you?

HeaRTs_Girl 0

Sorry, I misread that. So...he just really ******* hates you. :-/

I think he had some pot with spongebob

Nothing wrong with some pot and spongebob.

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